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Stay Safe while using Fireworks this Independence Day

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Stay Safe while using Fireworks this Independence Day

            Fireworks are a beloved tradition on Independence Day and using them requires care in order to prevent personal injuries and wildfires. The North Dakota Forest Service and Memory Fireworks would like to remind you about important safety considerations while using fireworks.

            Before purchasing fireworks, think about where you’ll plan to use them. There are some communities in North Dakota that do not allow fireworks because of burn bans, regulations, or ordinances. To check for local burn bans, please visit the ND Response website at

            Fire danger is low in many parts of North Dakota this week thanks to adequate fuel moisture. However, wildland fires can still start, though they may not spread quickly. That is why it is important to keep a bucket of water nearby so that if a wildfire ignites, you have the ability to extinguish it quickly. To assist with the monitoring of sparks, it is important to only ignite one firework at a time. Do not light fireworks near or on dry grass.

            State Forester Tom Claeys said, “Fireworks are a time-honored tradition linked to the celebration of the 4th of July in North Dakota.  Please be sure to practice fireworks safety to help protect lives and property from wildfire.”   

            According to Memory Fireworks, it is important that you make sure to brace small fireworks on all sides so that they do not tip over after you light them. After using fireworks, do not place the burned-up fireworks in a dumpster or in the back of a vehicle until they are dead out, which can take up to 24 hours after ignition. If you encounter a dud, do not place any part of your body over the firework, as occasionally, a firework that may seem like a dud could be delayed but still light. Adult supervision is important, even when using sparklers.

            Memory Fireworks also suggests purchasing fireworks only from a licensed and approved dealer. Read the directions before use. Never point or throw fireworks at a person. Keep all unused fireworks away from the shooting area. Do not use alcohol or drugs while using fireworks.

            Shannon Knutson of Memory Fireworks said, “Every year, as families begin to plan their 4th of July activities, safety is always our first priority. We encourage families to make safety their first priority too while enjoying fireworks.”

            This Independence Day, be sure to celebrate the birth of our nation safely by practicing these recommendations from the North Dakota Forest Service and Memory Fireworks.


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