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Publication image/x-jg Love Your Heart!
The heart is a pump that provides oxygen to each and every cell of the body. Feel your pulse: Each time your heart beats, it is moving blood by expanding and contracting. It is a muscle that is essential to life, which is why treating your heart with care is so important. Keeping your heart strong starts with good choices we make when we are young. Being physically active and eating a healthful diet keeps our heart beating strong.
Publication Nourish Your Mind and Body With Accurate Health Information How to Sort Fact From Fiction
We’re all bombarded with information about nutrition and/or health in magazines and newspapers, and on TV and online through social media, blogs and YouTube videos. Also, family and friends might share information with us. With all this information, how do we separate fact from fiction? What are the clues to reliable health information in today’s fast-paced world? This publication will help you sort through the vast amount of nutrition and health-related information that is available.
Publication Nourish Your Immune System
Our immune system functions throughout our body. It is composed of specialized cells that prevent or limit infection in our bodies. Immune cells recognize substances that enter our bodies and attempt to remove them if the substance appears to be harmful to us.
Publication C header Stretching Toward Better Health
Stretching may be done at any time of the day and can involve a great number of exercises. This publication covers types of stretching and includes instruction on how to stretch different muscle groups.
Publication The Scoop on Snow Shoveling Safety
The weather can make shoveling more difficult. Cold air makes working and breathing hard, which adds some extra strain on the body. Shovelers also are at risk for hypothermia, a decrease in body temperature, if they are not dressed correctly for the weather conditions.
Publication C header Nourishing Your Mind and Body: Manage Stress for Better Health
People have different definitions of stress. Probably the most common definition is “physical, mental or emotion strain or tension.” Stress is different for all of us. People will perceive the same stressor in a number of ways and, therefore, react to it differently. An event can be overwhelming to one person and exciting to another. For example, many politicians, comedians and public speakers truly enjoy appearing on stage in front of huge crowds, while the same situation provides anxiety and fear for other people.
Publication Pascal source code Nourish Your Body With Sleep
This provides information about sleep needs, foods that may affect sleep and ways to promote sleep.
Publication chemical/x-cerius Healthwise for Guys: Skin Cancer
Publication chemical/x-cerius Healthwise for Guys: Prostate Cancer
Publication chemical/x-cerius Healthwise for Guys: Colon Cancer
Publication Healthwise for Guys: High Blood Pressure
Publication Healthwise for Guys: Cardiovascular Disease
Publication Healthwise for Guys: Overweight and Obesity
Publication ECMAScript program Healthwise for Guys: Prediabetes
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