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‘Eat Smart. Play Hard.’ Poster Contest Winners Named   ( 2013-04-08 )
The posters promote healthful eating, regular physical activity and heart health.
Prairie Fare: Beverage Choices Make a Difference   ( 2013-02-21 )
While we can fit some added sweeteners in a healthful diet, we need to consider portion size and consequences of too many added calories.
NDSU Searching for Superior Juneberry Plants   ( 2007-04-05 )
NDSU plant researchers are looking for the public's help in locating Juneberry plants that could be developed into commercial varieties.
Prairie Fare: Where Do You Get Your Recipes?   ( 2015-02-26 )
Half of the people who responded to a national phone survey said they use social media, such as Facebook, to learn about food.
Prairie Fare: Take Your Taste Buds on a Tropical Fruit Trip   ( 2016-04-28 )
Fruits and vegetables have many health benefits
Prairie Fare: Walking a Dog is Good for Your Health   ( 2016-03-17 )
Regular physical activity can help us manage our weight and reduce our risk for several chronic diseases.
Prairie Fare: Accurate Measurement Promotes Baking Success   ( 2009-04-16 )
Unfortunately, many young adults emerge from childhood without some basic cooking and baking skills.
Prairie Fare: Snooze Your Way to Better Health   ( 2015-02-12 )
The latest sleep research making the news suggests that a 30-minute power nap can offset the wide array of effects of a poor night’s sleep.
Prairie Fare: DASH Diet Recognized for Lowering Blood Pressure   ( 2015-02-05 )
In many ways, the diet is very similar to the “MyPlate” recommendations.
Prairie Fare: Beware of Weight-loss Promises   ( 2014-12-31 )
Obviously, diet products are big business, especially since two out of three people are overweight.
Prairie Fare: Do You Need a Vitamin Pill?   ( 2017-01-26 )
Do your homework before taking vitamin supplements.
Prairie Fare: Be a Superhero by Trimming Food Waste   ( 2018-11-08 )
Most of us can take steps to reduce food waste at home.
Prairie Fare: Turkey Leftovers Make Welcome Meals   ( 2007-11-15 )
Americans eat about 17 pounds of turkey a year per person.
Prairie Fare: Consider Your Beverage Choices   ( 2010-07-01 )
Some studies have shown that teens drink twice as much soda as milk.
‘Eat Smart. Play Hard.’ Contest Winners Named   ( 2010-04-15 )
North Dakota youth put their knowledge of nutrition and health to use in a poster contest.
Prairie Fare: Canned Goods Can Help You Meet Daily Fruit and Vegetable Needs   ( 2018-11-22 )
Canned fruits and vegetables are comparable in nutritional value to their fresh and frozen counterparts.
Prairie Fare: Can Alcohol-containing Beverages Fit in a Healthful Diet?   ( 2016-12-22 )
If you consume alcohol, moderation is key.
Prairie Fare: Set Goals to Help Improve Fitness   ( 2014-12-18 )
Exercise and food choices go hand in hand for maintaining and improving health.
Take Steps to Eat Healthfully   ( 2015-02-20 )
March, National Nutrition Month, is a good time to learn how to develop a healthful diet.
Prairie Fare: Cook it Quickly With Canned Foods   ( 2017-02-02 )
Canned fruits and vegetables can help us meet our nutrition requirements.

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