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Ag News from NDSU

  • New Disaster App Helps Small Businesses Prepare for the Worst  (2016-08-26)  The app is available free for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.  FULL STORY
  • Program Educates Professionals on Farm/Ranch Succession  (2016-08-25)  Professionals gain the knowledge to guide families through the succession planning process.  FULL STORY
  • Focus on Health Assurance for the Cow Herd  (2016-08-25)  Livestock stewardship will help ensure that cattle stay in good health.  FULL STORY
  • NDSU Extension Agronomist Shares Skills with Ethiopian Farmers  (2016-08-23)  Kandel was able to help up to 140 Ethiopian farmers in seven villages.   FULL STORY
  • Long-term Grain Storage Requires Good Management  (2016-08-23)  A clean, insect-free storage facility is vital.  FULL STORY
  • Consider Pros, Cons of Alternative Grain Storage Methods  (2016-08-18)  All storage options should keep the grain dry and provide adequate aeration.  FULL STORY
  • Dickinson Research Extension Center to Host Beef and Forage Field Day  (2016-08-18)  The relationship among land, plants and livestock will be the focus of the field day.   FULL STORY
  • Potato Field Day Set for Aug. 25  (2016-08-18)   Potato breeding, nutrient management and pests are among the field day's topics.   FULL STORY
  • N.D. 4-H Shotgun Invitational Winners Named  (2016-08-16)  Dickey, Ramsey and Mercer County team members take top honors in the event.  FULL STORY
  • NDSU Research Shedding Light on Cow Pregnancy  (2016-08-12)  This research will help beef production be more efficient.  FULL STORY
2016 4-H State Fair Results: 4-H'ers Awarded for State Fair Static Exhibits  (2016-08-08)  Youth receive recognition for their exhibits in a number of categories.  FULL STORY
Spotlight on Economics: Spotlight on Economics: Further Declines in N.D. Cropland Values Likely  (2016-08-23)  A further decline in North Dakota cropland values will occur for the 2016 year. Will land values decline in 2017? Probably, although markets can change abruptly.   FULL STORY
BeefTalk: BeefTalk: Frame Score 3 May Calves Put 1,400 pounds of Beef on the Rail  (2016-08-25)  Smaller calves are marketable and acceptable.  FULL STORY
Prairie Fare: Prairie Fare: Exploring Nutrition Along the Lewis and Clark Trail  (2016-08-25)  Corn and squash helped sustain Lewis and Clark during their winter in North Dakota.  FULL STORY
Small-business Savvy: Small-business Savvy: Identify Yourself as a Small-business Owner  (2016-08-18)  Small-business ownership is an attitude and an identity.  FULL STORY
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