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Ag News from NDSU

  • NDSU Schedules Calf Backgounding Program  (2015-10-01)  The program will cover topics including feeding calves in a declining market and feeding calves for weaning.  FULL STORY
  • Dakota Feeder Calf Show Set  (2015-09-29)  Cattle producers use the information they gain to improve their operation.  FULL STORY
  • NDSU Leadership Program Choses 7th Class  (2015-09-24)  This Rural Leadership North Dakota class is the largest ever.  FULL STORY
  • NDSU Sets Farm/Ranch Transition Planning Classes  (2015-09-22)  The program will help families shape the future of their farm or ranch.   FULL STORY
  • NDSU Equipment Demonstration Days Set  (2015-09-16)  A bale processer, tub grinder, vertical and auger mixers, and manure spreaders will be demonstrated.  FULL STORY
  • NDSU Publication Provides 10 Year Summary of North Dakota Farm Financial Performance  (2015-09-10)  Relationships between financial performance and farm characteristics are highlighted in this 10 year summary.   FULL STORY
  • Put Pregnancy Checking Information to Use  (2015-09-04)  Pregnancy checking opens doors for producers to manage their herds strategically.  FULL STORY
  • 2015 Record Breaking for Healthy N.D. 4-H Clubs  (2015-09-03)  4-H clubs are recognized for their commitment to a healthful lifestyle.  FULL STORY
  • Anhydrous Ammonia Safety Seminars Set  (2015-09-01)  Anhydrous ammonia can cause skin irritation, blisters and even death if people come in contact with it.  FULL STORY
  • NDSU Celebrates 42 Years of Excellence in Agriculture and Bison Athletics  (2015-08-26)  The event includes a dinner and awards program.   FULL STORY
ND State Fair
4-H State Fair Results
Spotlight on Economics: Spotlight on Economics: Valuation of Agricultural Land for Real Estate Tax Assessment in N.D.  (2015-09-22)  Due to increased value of crop production, the value of land for most counties in N.D. has been considerably higher than in prior years.   FULL STORY
BeefTalk: BeefTalk: Can Commercial Producers Afford to Sell 7-month-old Calves?  (2015-10-01)  The way to maximize calf weight is knowing and controlling direct and overhead costs incurred up to weaning.   FULL STORY
Prairie Fare: Prairie Fare: Music is Good for Your Health  (2015-10-01)  Studies show music helps relieve stress and improves children’s school performance.   FULL STORY
Small-business Savvy: Small-business Savvy: Use, Don’t Abuse, Small-business Interest  (2015-10-01)  Being a small business can be a big advantage.  FULL STORY
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