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October 2007

Minutes from the October 15, 2007 North Dakota JCEP Meeting

North Dakota JCEP Meeting Notes
October 15, 2007
NDSU Extension Fall Conference
Doublewood Inn, Fargo

Attendance: Steve Sagaser - NDAEA president, Dave Rice - NDAEA past president, Randy Grueneich -- NDAEA president elect, Macine Lukach - NDEAFCS president, Vanessa Hoines - NDEAFCS president elect, Ellen Bjelland - NDEAFCS past president, Gerald Sturn - NDAE4-H YW president elect, Jackie Buckley - NDAE4-H YW president, Marcia Hellandsaas - NDAE4-H YW past president, Peggy Anderson - ESP past president, Willie Huot - ESP president-elect and Duane Hauck

Absent: Randy Wald - ACE State Representative, Terry Gregoire - ESP president

Meeting Notes: Minutes of the last meeting were accepted.

Comments from Duane

SBARE is holding a strategic thinking wrap up meeting on October 31. Notes of that discussion and the role of SBARE will be compiled. The discussion included all areas important to our mission including healthy communities, family living and economic development. The process is going well and statement that more broadly defines the role of SBARE is being developed.

On November 8 and 9 at the Kelly Inn in Bismarck - a meeting will be held soliciting input on program needs. Announcements have been sent to a wide range of stakeholder groups. Non-agriculture related groups should share insight too. Input gathering of current interest areas and on issues and opportunities should be shared then and program recommendations will be developed.

The ways stakeholders can share input with SBARE are:
1) Face-to-face
2) SBARE website
3) Send the chair of SBARE a letter

Efforts with non-ag stakeholders groups should be coordinated with Brad Cogdill and Deb Gebeke.

New Agent Training & Support
Training and support for new agents is needed. SBARE will be presented information that could lead to an initiative to provide agent-in-training positions in the future. Agents-in-training are desired for both FCE and Ag Agent positions. They will probably be placed in larger counties with larger staffs. These would likely be 12 to 18 month positions that would be expected to become applicants for open positions in the system -we plan to seek 6 - 7 positions.

Extension Board Formation to Be Explored
Margaret Tweten will be working with the Towner/Benson/Ramsey counties exploring the extension taxing district model used in Kansas. This model includes having an Extension Board oversee staffing and budget arrangements.

News to Be Shared By Brad in Association Meetings
- Tufts Study of 4-H - which North Dakota will be participating in
- Western 4-H Camp in Washburn - we want to elevate attention around camping - leadership is needed - goals are to double the number of kids in camp from last year - that would be about 500 youth

Staff Development
JCEP will proceed with Mike Rose's proposal of getting new staff and association profession development committee chairs together for half day training and visitation. How the county extension system functions and forming teamwork within extension would be the goals. Deb Gebeke and the following will represent JCEP, Vanessa-FCS, Randy-AEA and Donna Anderson-4-H. The new agent handbook will also need to be looked at and the outcome could include FCS.

Salary Concerns
Salary schedule starts at base level - acknowledgement is given for one or more years of service and experience or a master's degree and also how much the county budget will provide.

Jack Potting
An estimates sheet was shared by Dave. It might go on the web.

Next Meeting
The next meeting was set for 10 am on December 11

Association Reports:

  • ESP - Coordinate JCEP meeting with the conference and capitalize with speakers (2009 national conference) The budget for ND national conference is being figured out now -we need to pay for speakers - a lot will be local -dates are September 13 to 16, 2009 in Fargo.
  • NDAEA - Regional Director Steve will be at the upcoming meeting.
  • NDEA4-H YW - no report
  • NDEAFCS - no report
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