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December 2006

Minutes from the December 11, 2006 North Dakota JCEP Meeting

North Dakota JCEP Meeting Notes
December 11, 2006
NDSU Alumni Center

Attendance: Mike Rose - NDAEA past president, Steve Sagaser - NDAEA president elect, Dave Rice - NDAEA president, Terry Gregoire - ESP vice president, Macine Lukach - NDEAFCS president, Gerald Sturn - NDAE4-H YW president elect, Jackie Buckley - NDAE4-H YW president, Marcia Hellandsaas - NDAE4-H YW past president and Duane Hauck

Absent: Ellen Bjelland - NDEAFCS past president, Donna Anderson - NDEAFCS vice president, Peggy Anderson - ESP president, Kathy Tweeten - ESP past president, Randy Wald - ACE State Representative

Meeting Notes: Minutes of the last meeting were accepted.

Unfinished Business:

Mike Rose presented a NDJCEP resolution that was developed for SBARE to become all inclusive of extension work.

DC and SBARE will be meeting later this week to discuss the resolution.

We decided that as a group we will go ahead with the formation of our own extension board, using our resolution. Mike moved to accept the resolution with changes. Steve seconded the motion. Macine recommended to write out JCEP and include ND. Motion carried.

New Business:

Association Reports:

  • ESP - Terry reported that we will host the national ESP meeting in September of 2009. We will decide the location, money, and speakers and combine resources.
  • NDAEA - Dave and Steve attended the national meeting.
  • NDEA 4-H YW - Charolette's Web opens Friday
  • NDEAFCS - no report

Years of Service With Extension
It was questioned as to how years of service is tracked. Duane reported that it is a problem to track years of service when staff move from state to state, etc. It was decided to just count NDSU ext. years of service. The director's office keeps track of this, but another office would certainly be welcome to take over the duties.

Performance Evaluations
This is being addressed by committee. Questions to be used have been discussed by district directors. Web pages with links will be included.

New Staff Development
Mike and Kathy have developed a proposal of how NDJCEP and administration could help with new staff development. Gerald and Mike with share ideas this afternoon and the NDJCEP ideas will also be discussed. We will look at the proposal and see how it works this afternoon and Mike will keep working on this and bring it back in March.

Extension Titles
This will be tabled for now.

ESP Awards
Members were encouraged to nominate staff for awards. They are due at the end of December.

NCR JCEP Meeting
Steve, Jackie and Macine plan to attend.

Next Meeting
Spring Conference

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