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October 2008

Minutes from the October 27, 2008 North Dakota JCEP Meeting

NDJCEP Fall Meeting Minutes
Monday, October 27, 2008
NDSU Memorial Union

Gerald Sturn called the meeting to order. Present were Greg Endres, Vanessa Hoines, Rudy Radke, Willie Hyot, Steve Sagasser, Duane Hauck, Macine Lukach, Randy Grueneich, Jackie Buckley, Deb Pankow, Donna Anderson and Chuck Schwartau, NACAA Director  for North Central Region. 

The minutes from March 31, 2008 were read. Jackie Buckley made the motion to accept the minutes as read, Peggy Anderson seconded the motion. Motion carried. 

Association Reports

NDAEA - Randy Grueneich reported NACAA will hold their 2009 national meeting in Portland, Oregon. The association will be trying out different forms of meetings with their association. Chuck Schwartau, NACAA Director for North Central Region spoke about some visit he is making the states in the North Central Meeting. He stated that many states are having off season meetings for their associations. He reported on programs including industry tours in crops, horticulture and livestock. The benefit is that the people come in contact and learn from industry and business leadership. He also discussed the benefits learned from joint meetings with ESP. Duane Hauck asked Chuck Schwartau about trainings working with decision makers. Chuck said they had the material on the JCEP website and said it is also available on CD. Director Hauck talked about the success of the legislative meetings last spring and asked the group to do more in this area at the district and association meetings and etc. Director Hauck talked about Jerry Effertz and how pleased he was with the PILD experience and about how we can train and prepare other SBARE members. Gerald Sturn called for the JCEP members to think about this and carry the message into their association meetings. Steve reported that 11 agents  attended  2008 NCAA and 2 members attended 2008 Galaxy conference in Indianapolis. 

ESP - Willie Hyot reported that the biggest job for ESP is preparing for the 2009 National Epsilon Phi Conference, which will be held in Fargo. He stated ESP is still asking for funding from the different Extension Associations. He said many of the questions will be hopefully answered in the fall ESP meeting. He said a web page is in development for the national conference. Then auction will be held on Tuesday. 

ACE - No report given. 

NDAE4-HYW - Gerald Sturn reported that 29 of the attendees for Galaxy held 4-H association membership. He said Galaxy was a very good experience. 

NDEAFCS - reported that there were many good sessions and poster sessions at Galaxy. The attendees brought home lots of ideas for programs. Overall the participants were pleased with the conference and the business meeting.

Director Hauck discussed professional development within the organizations and training with new agents. He talked about the evaluation training with Myron Eighmy and office leadership training. He supported the idea for the associations to do more to support the new employees to gain experience and confidence around organizational management. Macine Lukach talked about Tim Semler and Karla Monson's presentation and involving everyone in the office budgeting process. 

Gerald Sturn asked if the agricultural agent handbook was going to be revisited. Randy Grueneich said the early career development committee was looking into it. 

Update from Director Hauck:  

Director Hauck passed around handout regarding Grow 21 and the REC 2009 Capitol Projects. He talked about Grow 21 and the legislative process and the two key measures with voters. He said the State Board of Higher Ed opposes Measure One and Measure Two, both which could lead to higher tuitions if passed. The Government office is developing a second budget for if the measures pass. If they do not pass the extension budget could increase up to 24%. The Research Extension Stations and Extension have separate budgets. 

  •  4-H specialist to be housed at Minot for the State Fair and Camping program.
  • The Institute for Agribusiness Enterprise and Rural Development with more expertise needed, will model after Value Added institute.
  • The Agent-in-Training and Interns, Extension is requesting five positions and five summer interns.
  • The Family Nutrition Program allows us to have some state dollars in counties where it was eliminated.

The Govenor's budget is expected to be released the first of December. Then Extension will know where it sits. 

SBARE - Jerry Effertz was re-elected to serve another term representing the geographic area of MPU 1 and 2.  Tom Borgen was re-elected to serve another term representing the ND AG Coalition.  Jim Kerzman, from the Mott area replaced Ole Aarsvold. 

PILD - Director Hauck is going to ask 2008 PILD attendees, Lori Sharmer, Nels Peterson Craig Askim and Jodi Bruns to talk with their association members and the SBARE members about the upcoming PILD Conference. There have been significant changes to the farm bill resulting in new divisions. D.C. Coston chairs the Farm Bill Implementation committee. The head of National Institute of Food Science Institute is appointed by the President of the United States. 

NELD - The 2009 class is Cheyenne Erickson and Rita Ussatis. 

Old Business:          

Epsilon Sigma Phi National Meeting September 13-16, 2009 in Fargo

Support from other associations and extension staff.  Epsilon Sigma Phi Action proceeds to help defer the costs of the conference regular staff attendees, sponsor a break. NDFCS pledged $500.  

New Business: 

ND 4-H Foundation Director Update- Tom McSparron has left. The next meeting is in mid November. 

JCEP Regional Workshop to be held in San Diego, CA February 2009. Gerald Sturn, Vanessa Hoines, Randy Grueneich and Deb Pankow to attend. 

Tony Smith Inservice Working with Decision-Makers on JCEP website.  Steve, Willie, Jackie and Donna to work with new group (?) 

The ESP conference - Poster or presenter gets a stipend. Proposals are due February 7, 2009. 

Willie Hyot asked the committee to consider two questions:

1.      What does an Area Specialist bring to a county

2.      When a County Chair and the District Director are the same person is that person being spread to thin?

Randy said the biggest complaint is the communication not the end result. 

Other Agenda Items: 

            ACE in charge of JCEP Meeting for Spring Extension Meeting. 

Meeting adjoined.

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