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Publication How to Teach People With Low Vision
The goal of this publication is to help adapt the teaching environment for those with low vision.
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Publication Making Magic Mixes: Rolled Oats Master Mix
Do you like to save time, money and energy? Preparing mixes for future use when you have a little time can make meal preparation quick and easy. The mix featured in this handout uses common household ingredients such as rolled oats, a good source of fiber.
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Publication Cooking and Eating With Low Vision
Imagine shopping for foods without the ability to compare prices, visually check produce for freshness, or even safely travel to and from the grocery store. Envision coming home with groceries but not being able to see inside the refrigerator or pantry clearly enough to store the foods. Then think about the challenge of preparing a meal with low vision, from finding a food in the pantry to setting the oven timer. Suddenly cooking seems like quite a daunting task!
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Publication Tips for Living With Low Vision
Do you find certain activities, such as reading, shopping or cooking, difficult because of your vision? Does this cause you to eat most of your meals at restaurants instead of at home? Try the tips in this publication to help you maintain independence in your daily activities.
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Publication Making Magic Mixes: Cornmeal Master Mix
You will be able to make cornbread or corn muffins quickly and at a lower cost than store-bought mixes. Cornmeal Master Mix uses common household ingredients such as cornmeal, flour and nonfat dry milk. Always use good-quality ingredients and measure carefully when making a mix. To save money, shop for ingredients when they are on sale, and label ingredients with the date of purchase.
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Publication Give the Gift of Joy With a Quick Bread Mix
The act of gift giving originated centuries ago and continues today. Gift giving has become a common part of peoples’ everyday lives — from commemorating special occasions to expressing gratitude. Several cultures practice the thoughtful gesture, and it brings people from different backgrounds together.
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Publication x-conference/x-cooltalk Fresh-squeezed Facts: A Parent’s Guide to Juice
Children who consume too much juice may not be hungry at mealtime and may miss out on other nutrients their bodies need to grow.
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Publication Food Preservation: Reduced-sugar or No-sugar Fruit Spreads
Do you like apple or grape jelly on toast, muffins or other foods? Some people are trying to consume less sugar and calories in their diet. This handout provides research-tested recipes for reduced-sugar refrigerated fruit spreads that are easy to make.
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Publication text/texmacs From the Garden or Orchard to the Table: Jams and Jellies from North Dakota Fruits
What kinds of fruit can be successfully grown in North Dakota? What are some tested and tasty recipes for making the preserves? That’s what this circular is all about — growing and preserving the fruits of summer!
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Publication Exploring Vegetarian Meals
Eating a balanced diet doesn’t have to be a challenge for those who choose to follow a vegetarian diet. Using a variety of protein sources can add zest to dishes while keeping them healthful and hearty. From Cooking 101 (Week 9) Quick and Easy Menus, Recipes and Tips for Singles and Couples
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