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Sheep Shearing, Wool Classing Schools Set for Nov. 19-21   ( 2016-10-10 )
Two different schools offer sheep producers a variety of educational opportunities.
Youth Earn 4-H Herdsman, Showmanship Awards at N.D. State Fair   ( 2016-08-03 )
Youth receive top honors in the State Fair 4-H livestock show.
4-H’ers Win Honors in N.D. State Fair Sheep Show   ( 2016-08-01 )
Several youth bring home 4-H sheep show awards.
Hoffman Hired as NDSU Extension Sheep Specialist   ( 2016-06-27 )
His background and knowledge will provide opportunities for building strong Extension programs.
4-H’ers Win Honors in N.D. State Fair Sheep Show   ( 2015-07-23 )
Youth bring home awards from the sheep show at the State Fair.
Provide Sheep With Adequate Care in Winter   ( 2014-12-16 )
Sheep are tolerant to cold weather with proper care.
NDSU Hettinger REC Offers Sheep Research Report   ( 2014-11-07 )
The report highlights research conducted at NDSU on behalf sheep producers.
Adding to the Sheep Flock Requires Planning   ( 2014-10-31 )
Sheep producers have many considerations when thinking about expanding their flocks.
Youth Receive 4-H Round Robin Livestock Showmanship Honors   ( 2014-07-28 )
The top two showmanship participants from the beef, dairy, goats, sheep and swine shows compete in the Round Robin event.
Blue-green Algae Poisoning Threatens Livestock   ( 2014-06-16 )
Watch for unexplained deaths in livestock and wildlife.
NSIP Genetic Tool for Sheep, Goat Producers   ( 2014-02-12 )
Quantitative genetic selection can help producers make good breeding decisions.
Sheep Shearing and Wool Classing Schools Set for Nov. 23-25   ( 2013-10-03 )
4-H’ers Win Round Robin Showmanship Awards at N.D. State Fair   ( 2013-07-30 )
4-H’ers advance to the round robin by placing in individual species showmanship events.
Winners of 4-H Sheep Show at N.D. State Fair Named   ( 2013-07-26 )
4-H’ers receive awards in the sheep show at the State Fair.
Alternative Sheep Grazing Systems Workshop Set   ( 2013-06-20 )
Sheep can use forages in areas that may not be accessible to cattle.
Learn to Cook With Lamb   ( 2013-06-12 )
This workshop will provide answers to many questions on cooking with lamb.
Producers Should Document Adverse Weather-related Livestock Losses   ( 2013-04-24 )
Late-spring snow, cold rain and sleet storms have moved across parts of the northern Plains that have coincided with peak calving and lambing seasons.
Sheep Susceptible to Polio   ( 2013-03-11 )
Thiamine deficiencies and excess sulfur can cause polio in sheep.
Market Advisor: U.S. Sheep Numbers Resilient Despite Drought   ( 2013-02-27 )
Some sheep industry analysts expected a larger decline in numbers due to the severe drought that impacted the southern Plains in 2011 and expanded into much of the country, including the Corn Belt, in 2012.
Determine Ewe Pregnancy Early   ( 2012-11-01 )
One way to reduce sheep production costs is to target resources during the peak demand, which is pregnancy.

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