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Farmers Markets Can Accept SNAP Benefits   ( 2020-06-02 )
Farmers markets and farm stands can increase access to fresh, local food by becoming an authorized retailer for SNAP.
Prairie Fare: Where’s the Protein?   ( 2020-05-21 )
We all need protein as part of a nutritious, well-balanced diet.
Practice Physical Distancing on the Farm/Ranch   ( 2020-05-19 )
Farmers, ranchers and their employees need to follow physical distancing guidelines to minimize the risk for themselves and their families.
Keep Farmers Markets, Local Food Vendors, Customers Safe   ( 2020-05-18 )
Farmers markets and local food vendors need to take necessary precautions and safety measures to ensure the health of farmers, vendors and customers.
Protect Your Farm/Ranch From COVID-19   ( 2020-05-15 )
Here are 10 ways farmers and ranchers can protect themselves, their families and others from COVID-19.
Prairie Fare: Prepare Food Safely Regardless of the Number of Guests   ( 2020-05-07 )
Food safety is important no matter how many people gather.
NDSU Extension, Fargo Public Library Collaborate to Help Food Pantries   ( 2020-05-05 )
Master Gardeners, 4-H youth and avid gardeners in 18 counties will grow vegetables for donation to food pantries.
NDSU Extension Helps Farmers/Ranchers Cope With Stress   ( 2020-04-27 )
The first step in dealing with stress is to recognize the early symptoms.
4-H Volunteers Impact N.D. Positively   ( 2020-04-17 )
The impact of 4-H volunteers goes beyond the 4-H program and leads to changes in communities.
Prairie Fare: Don’t Let COVID-19 Make You a Couch Potato   ( 2020-04-16 )
We should aim for 150 minutes per week of moderate to vigorous physical activity.
Prairie Fare: Food Storage Questions Abound in COVID-19 Pandemic   ( 2020-04-09 )
Many people have stocked up during the COVID-19 pandemic, while others are exploring cupboards, refrigerators and freezers for food to use up.
Prairie Fare: Enjoy More Family Meals During the Coronavirus Pandemic   ( 2020-04-02 )
Eating together as a family has many benefits.
Prairie Fare: Exercise Caution When Cleaning, Disinfecting in Time of COVID-19   ( 2020-03-26 )
Never mix a bleach solution with a household ammonia solution.
NDSU Extension Postpones Face-to-face Work Through May 15   ( 2020-03-26 )
Extension faculty and staff are using technology to reach their audiences.
Be Prepared For Flooding in Rural Areas   ( 2020-03-25 )
Flooding may be a problem some rural North Dakota areas this spring.
Prairie Fare: Be Prepared Foodwise for Spring and Summer Disasters   ( 2020-03-12 )
Power outages, flooding, fires and other disasters can trigger food safety issues.
Try These Evidence-based Disease Prevention Methods   ( 2020-03-06 )
NDSU Extension offers tips on reducing your risk of exposure to illnesses such as the flu and coronavirus.
Prairie Fare: Prom Dress Dilemma Brings Coronavirus Impact Home   ( 2020-03-05 )
We can take steps to reduce our risk of becoming ill from a variety of viruses.
Prairie Fare: Cancer Screening Can Save Your Life   ( 2020-02-27 )
About one-third of people are not up to date on their health-care screenings.
Is Your Home Aging-in-place Ready?   ( 2020-02-26 )
Older adults often want to stay in their own homes, but their homes may not be aging-in-place ready.

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