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NDSU Extension Specialist Receives National Award   ( 2019-11-15 )
Extension food and nutrition specialist Julie Garden-Robinson receives the Outstanding Engagement Award.
Prairie Fare: 7 Tips to Catch Your ZZZZs   ( 2019-11-07 )
Adults 26 to 64 years old need seven to nine hours of sleep each night, and older adults (ages 65-plus) need seven to eight hours.
NDSU Extension Agents, Specialist Honored Nationally   ( 2019-10-16 )
NDSU Extension agents are recognized for their efforts.
Prairie Fare: Make Eating Together a Priority   ( 2019-09-05 )
Family meals offer numerous benefits.
Prairie Fare: What Would You Do in a Disaster Involving Food?   ( 2019-04-04 )
Know what to do if a flood affects your food supply.
NDSU Extension Targets Men, Women With Health Information   ( 2019-03-22 )
Two NDSU Extension programs provide information on health issues of concern to men and women.
Be Prepared for Flooding   ( 2019-03-21 )
Planning is a vital part of fighting a flood.
Prairie Fare: Reduce Your Risk of Kitchen Fires This Holiday Season   ( 2018-12-20 )
Cooking fires are the No. 1 cause of home fires and injuries.
Don’t Let Last-minute Holiday Spending Blow Your Budget   ( 2018-12-17 )
NDSU Extension offers tips to help you stay within your holiday gift budget.
Prairie Fare: Create Family Meal Memories With Picnics   ( 2018-07-05 )
Eating together as a family has many physical, mental and emotional health benefits.
Prairie Fare: Try This 10-question Summer Food Safety Quiz   ( 2018-05-24 )
Don’t let foodborne illness spoil your outdoor cooking and dining experiences.
Prairie Fare: Immune System, Put On Your Boxing Gloves   ( 2018-01-25 )
You have several ways to help your immune system resist colds and flu.
NDSU Extension Service Improving Life for Older Adults   ( 2018-01-22 )
Extension programs help seniors prevent falls and teach caregivers of older adults how to get the support they need.
BeefTalk: The World is Good, but Sometimes Saying That is Hard   ( 2017-10-05 )
Remember that tomorrow is another day filled with hope.
Spotlight on Economics: Is Your House Free of Flood Risk?   ( 2017-10-03 )
Flood risk can affect a home’s market value.
4-H’ers Honored for Learning, Practicing Healthful Habits   ( 2017-09-15 )
Clubs incorporated at least one nutrition or fitness activity into regular meetings throughout the 4-H year.
Prairie Fare: September is National Family Meals Month   ( 2017-09-14 )
Children who eat with their families tend to do better in school, eat more nutritiously and avoid risky behaviors.
Talk to Children About Terrorism   ( 2017-05-23 )
Adults need to help children cope with and process events such as the terrorist attack in Manchester, England.
Prairie Fare: Reap the Benefits of Family Mealtimes   ( 2017-05-11 )
Regular family meals can strengthen relationships and help children do better in school.
Prairie Fare: Uncover the Truth of Nutrition and Health Headlines   ( 2017-04-27 )
Asking questions can help you sort fact from fiction.

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