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Low-cost Home Energy-saving Tips

Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs).
CFLs use 75 percent less energy to produce the same amount of light and last 10 times longer. By replacing a 100-watt incandescent bulb with a CFL, you could save $60 during the life of the CFL bulb. The more bulbs you replace, the more money you will save.

Install insulation on the hot water pipe that leaves the water heater.
Insulating can raise hot water temperatures in pipes 2 F to 4 F, allowing you to have a lower setting on the water heater. It also will help conserve water by lowering waiting times for hot water at the tap.

Reduce air leaks into and out of the house.
One of the largest heat losses in a home is air leaks. Install a fresh bead of caulk or weather-stripping around the windows and doors. Install
insulating gaskets behind outlet covers and switch plates.

Ensure your furnace is running as efficiently as possible.
Have a certified technician service the furnace according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Check the filter at least once a month and clean or replace it as needed.

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