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2017 Annual Report

Crop Variety Trial Information

Winter wheat variety trials

Spring wheat variety trials at Dickinson

Spring wheat variety trials at Glen Ullin

Barley variety trials at Dickinson

Barley variety trials at Glen Ullin

Durum variety trials

Oat variety trials

Pea variety trials

Chickpea variety trials

Lentil variety trials

Agronomy Research

 2017 National Sunflower Survey in Southwest North Dakota

 Nitrogen Relationships in Soybean in Southwest North Dakota

Grassland Research

Restoration of Native Mixed Grass Prairie on Degraded Untilled Land through Implementation of Biologically Effective Grazing Management 
Progress Report of Project Year Six

Restoration of Native Mixed Grass Prairie on Degraded Untilled Land through Implementation of Biologically Effective Grazing Management
Progress Report of Project Year Twelve

Range Plant Growth Related to Climatic Factors of Western North Dakota 1982 - 2017

Effects of Mixed Grass Prairie from 75 Years of Nongrazing

Evaluation of Carbon and Nitrogen in Mixed Grass Prairie Soil Managed by Three Treatments for 34 Years

Autecology of Forbs on the Northern Mixed Grass Prairie

Volume 1

Liliopsida (Monocots)

Commelinacea (Spiderwort)

Prairie spiderwort

Lilaceae (Lily)

White wild onion

Magnoliopsida (Dicots)

Caryophyllaceae (Pink)

Prairie Chickweed

Malvaceae (Mallow)

Scarlet globemallow

Brassicaceae (Mustard)

Slim Rockcress

Western Wallflower


Rosaceae (Rose)

Prairie cinquefoil 

Volume 2

Magnoliopsida (Dicots)

Fabaceae (Legume)


Missouri milkvetch

Purple prairieclover

Prairie trefoil

Purple locoweed

Silverleaf scurfpea

Indian breadroot

American wildvetch

Volume 3

Magnoliopsida (Dicots)

Onagraceae (Evening Primrose)

Toothleaved eveningprimrose

Scarlet gaura

Santalaceae (Sandalwood)

Bastard toadflax

Asclepiadaceae (Milkweed)

Whorled milkweed

Polemoniaceae (Phlox)

Hood's phlox

Boraginaceae (Borage)

Narrowleaved puccoon

Lamiaceae (Mint)

Rough pennyroyal

Plantaginaceae (Plantain)

Wooly plantain

Scrophulariaceae (Figwort)

Yellow owlclover

White Beardtongue 

Volume 4

Magnoliopsida (Dicots)

Asteraceae (Aster)

Western yarrow

Field pussytoes

Small leaf pussytoes

White prairie aster

Smooth blue aster

Wavyleaf thistle


Purple coneflower

Daisy fleabane

Curlycup gumweed 

Volume 5

Magnoliopsida (Dicots)

Asteraceae (Sunflower, Aster)

Spiny ironweed

Stiff sunflower

Hairy golden aster

Blue wild lettuce

Narrowleaved blazingstar


Longheaded coneflower

Early goldenrod

Soft goldenrod

Stiff goldenrod


Horticulture Research

2017 Hops Data

2017 Horticultural Research

2017 Annual Report Woody Plant Materials Off-Center Evaluation Planting Dickinson Research & Extension Center

Natural Resources Conservation Service Plant Materials Progress Report

Livestock Research

Back to the Future: Enhancing Food Security and farm Production with Integrated Crop-Livestock Production Systems

Effect of long-term integrated crop and livestock systems on extended grazing and finishing, soil fertility, nitrogen mineralization, carbon sequestration, and profitability

Effect of Yearling Steer Frame Score, Grazing Sequence, and Delayed Feedlot Entry on Grazing and Feedlot Performance, Carcass Trait Measurements, and Systems Economics

Effects of crop rotation and grazing in an ICLS on greenhouse gas emissions in Northern Great Plains

Impacts of Integrated Crop-Livestock System on Soil Health Parameters in North Dakota

Ward Laboratories Microbial and Traditional Soil Health Analysis

Effect of Mixed Systems on Crop Productivity

Effects of the Cropping System on Soil Physical Properties in an Integrated Crop and Livestock System

Integrated Systems Mitigate Land Degradation and Improve Agricultural System Sustainability

Effect of bale grazing following annual forage sequence grazing on steer grazing and feedlot performance, muscling ratio, carcass measurements, and carcass value

World Cattleman's Cow Efficiency Congress

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Providing Adequate late Season Crude Protein with Pasture Grasses
Chapter 2 - What is Right for the Beef Business: A Discussion on Cattle Size
Chapter 3 - Impact of Production Scheme and Frame Size on Carcass Traits
Chapter 4 - Soil: A Source of Life -- Our Responsibility: Protect It!
Chapter 5 - Developing a Cow Herd that Fits Your Ranch Environment
Chapter 6 - Nutritional Effects of Frame Size on Efficiency and Longevity of Beef Cows
Chapter 7 - Genetic Selection for Cow Efficiency: What is Next Step?

 2017 BeefTalk Articles

BT904     Rolling Out Hay is Rolling Out Dollars

BT903     Will the Hay Inventory Feed the Cows?     

BT902     Just When Does One Let the Calves Go?

BT901     Use the Numbers When Bull Buying

BT900     Has the Beef Industry Reached Commercial Thresholds for Performance?

BT899     Reproductive Performance in Commercial Beef Herds is Remarkable

BT898     Beef Growth Performance Continues to be Stable

BT897     Beef Production Weaning 498 Pounds Per Cow Exposed

BT896     The Challenge of Cow Size

BT895     Commercial Beef Production Benchmarks for 2017

BT894     Long-term Cow-culling Rate, Replacement Rate and Cow Age

BT893     Age and Source Verification Can Work

BT892     The World Is Good, But Sometimes Saying That Is Hard

BT891     Age and Source Verification Revisited

BT890     Rain Makes Regrowth; Put Weight On Cows Now

BT889     Calves Pay the Bills, But The Cows Make the Bills

BT888     Time to Get Serious; Small Cows Produce

BT887     Walking a Trail, Understanding Cow Math
BT886     Seeking Efficient Beef Cows
BT885     Diversity Helps Mitigate Drought Effects
BT884     Managing Drought Through Proper Soil Health
BT883     A Dollar a Day and Counting
BT882     Precondition Calves Regardless of Weaning Time
BT881     Be Cautious And Do Not Overspend For Hay
BT880     A Beef Cow Is What She Eats
BT879     Start Planning For Next Year: Pregnancy Check Cows Early
BT878     When Early Weaning, Adapt Calves and Provide Right Nutrition
BT877     How Early Is Too Early To Wean?
BT876     Prepare For Early Weaning
BT875     Wean Early and Save 25 Percent of Pasture Forage
BT874     The Wind, Soil and Grass Are Dry
BT873     On the Prairie, Listen, and Walk, Not Run
BT872     Proactive Cow Penning
BT871     Ponder This: $2,000 Each for Your Steer Crop
BT870     Cows Pregnant Again in 82 Days
BT869     Why Did the Calf Die?
BT868     Improper Grazing Steals From the Future
BT867     Zero Tolerance for Bad Cows
BT866     Cattle, So Why Not Sheep, Too?
BT865     For Every Cow, Add a Ewe and Increase Net Return 65%
BT864     Cattle and Sheep Together a Good Thing
BT863     The Goal is $1,000 per Cow Exposed, Including Market Beef
BT862     Should I Market 25.6 or 51.2 Tons of Beef?
BT861     Grain Truck or Cattle Truck: Which One Should I Load?
BT860     An Increase in Beef Cows Requires Cropland
BT859     A Lot Happens Around the Kitchen Table
BT858     Pitching Hay or Doing Homework, The Choice is Ours
BT857     Prepping for Calving Means Prepped Cows
BT856     In Search of Income
BT855     Scoring Cows Helps Cattle Management
BT854     Crossbreeding: It Works For Feral Pigs
BT853     New Year's Resolution: Earn $300 More Per Cow

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