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NDSU Yard & Garden Report for October 2, 2020
File NDSU Yard & Garden Report for October 2, 2020
News for gardeners in North Dakota
Image JPEG image Giant alliums
Image JPEG image Allium cristophii
Image JPEG image 'Millenium' allium
Landscaping with Onions
Ornamental alliums are stunning, and gardeners are beginning to take notice. The plants are easy to grow and require very little maintenance. Allium blooms are pollinator magnets. Fall is the season to plant allium bulbs.
Image JPEG image American elm
Fall colors of American elm
Image JPEG image Serviceberry
Fall color of serviceberry
Image JPEG image Smooth sumac
Fall colors of smooth sumac
Image JPEG image Downy hawthorn
Fall colors of downy hawthorn
Image JPEG image Paper birch
Fall colors of paper birch
Image JPEG image Bur oak
Fall colors of bur oak
Image JPEG image Nannyberry
Fall colors of nannyberry
Image JPEG image Ironwood
Fall colors of ironwood
Image JPEG image Euonymus
Fall colors of euonymus
Image JPEG image Quaking aspen
Fall colors of quaking aspen
Fall Colors of North Dakota
The fall colors of North Dakota are peaking this month. Trees are absolutely glowing this year! Enjoy these photos that display the fall colors of several of our native trees.
Image JPEG image Winter injury
Irrigate Evergreens -- Irrigate this month to fill their needles with water. The tips of needles may dry (as shown above) due to winds and glaring sunlight over winter. Young and wind-exposed trees are most sensitive to injury.
Image JPEG image Fall needle drop
Fall Needle Drop -- An evergreen needle is not green forever. Older needles (located near the trunk) are supposed to drop. If buds and young needles (located near branch tips) are healthy, the tree is full of life.
Image JPEG image Brush stump
Image JPEG image Vole and Vole Damage
Image JPEG image Leaves on lawn
Image JPEG image Sunscald Protection and Damage
Image JPEG image Narcissus poeticus
Image JPEG image Forcing tulips
Hort Shorts for October 2, 2020 -- Landscapes
A summary of timely activities and emerging disorders in landscapes.
Image JPEG image Frosted apple
Frosted apple
Image JPEG image Apple harvest
Apples in a bushel basket
Image JPEG image Wasp eating apple
Wasp eating apple
Image JPEG image Carrots
Harvested carrots
Image JPEG image Harvested potatoes
Harvested potatoes
Image JPEG image Frosted garden debris
Frosted garden debris
Image JPEG image Soil testing bag and form
Soil testing bag and form
Hort Shorts for October 2, 2020 -- Fruits and Vegetables
A summary of timely activities and emerging disorders in gardens and orchards.
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