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Holiday Gifts for Gardeners

Here are some ideas for your favorite gardeners

An amaryllis bulb is a fun gift. It's easy to grow and the flowers are magnificent.

The holidays are here. It's time for shopping!

Do you have a friend who is a gardener? Of course you do! Here are some gift ideas for your favorite gardeners (and yourself).

Plants are always a good gift. This includes Norfolk Island pine, the miniature Christmas trees sold in stores. Norfolk Island pine is easy to grow and a wonderful gift, especially if you add a few ornaments to personalize it.

Speaking of ornaments, does your Christmas tree have a pickle ornament? On Christmas morning, the first child who finds the pickle in the tree receives the first present or a special gift.

An amaryllis bulb is foolproof and fun. Your friend will be amazed as they watch the flower stalks soar to the sky. A good friend deserves a big bulb. These can be purchased at garden centers or ordered online from specialty stores. Big amaryllis bulbs will have more flowers, bloom longer, and be more likely to bloom in future years.

Give your friend a tool they will use, and use often. A top quality trowel, pruners or pocket knife will be appreciated for years.

Tubtrugs are popular containers for carrying tools and your harvest. A garden cart will carry even more stuff to and from the garden.

Our best tools are our hands. Protect them with a quality pair of garden gloves or perhaps some hand scrubbing lotions.

Seed catalogs for 2017 are available now. Go online and request a free catalog. Popular choices include Baker Creek, Burpee, Gurney’s, Johnny’s, Jung, Pinetree, Seed Savers and Territorial, to name a few. Tuck a gift certificate inside the catalog and give it as a gift!

Gardeners who start their own seeds would like a heating mat.

All gardeners need to water their garden at times. A watering wand, soaker hose or an expandable water hose would be appreciated.

A backpack sprayer is great for large yards or backyard orchards.

Apple maggot traps will help them grow fruit without pesticides.

Thermometers, soil thermometers and rain gauges provide valuable information to a gardener. Some thermometers have remote sensors to help them know how cold it got in their garden last night.

Every gardener can use a mason bee house. These native bees are very efficient at pollinating fruit and vegetable crops.

Butterfly feeders will attract the delicate creatures to their yard.

If your friend enjoys feeding birds, they may enjoy a hanging feeder or suet feeder to add to their collection. More types of feeders will lead to more types of birds at their station. Or perhaps give your bird lover a heater for their bird bath.

A gnome or other gardening statue may be a risky gift, but such gifts can bring the biggest smiles! A series of stepping stones in the garden may be a nice accent.

We all need to eat more vegetables and fruits. A juicing machine can help them get the servings they need for a healthy diet.

A food dehydrator can convert garden produce into nutritious and delicious snacks.

A mushroom growing kit is a fun project.

A personalized sampler of North Dakota honey, jellies or wines is a special gift they will enjoy.

Enjoy shopping and have a happy holiday season!

Written by Tom Kalb, Extension Horticulturist, North Dakota State University. The above photo is courtesy of stux. The photo on the Lawns, Gardens and Trees home page is courtesy of Photographer.

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