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Springtime spruces - 1, girdling Christmas lights

Items that encircle the stem or a branch, and are not removed, will eventually girdle trees. Take a few minutes to remove those items, to allow the trees to grow normally.

Did you happen to leave up Christmas lights from 2015? I did! I finally pulled them down this weekend, and I’m glad they weren’t left up an extra year. The little twist tie was just starting to dig into the stem a little bit. 

Remember, every little wire, strap, zip tie, cable or rope that we leave around the tree stem or even a branch will eventually girdle the tree.  It might take 2 years, or 20 years, but eventually the problem will be obvious.  Take the time now to check over your trees – especially those that were planted in the last few years – to remove all wires and straps.  The same can be said of ties that hold Christmas lights onto a tree, or a strap that holds a tree stand onto a tree.  Unless those ties and straps are removed, the trees will run into problems. Check out the photos below to see the damage.

-Joe Zeleznik

Lights on a tree

Twist tie on tree

Tree damage from twist tie

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