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20th Annual Dakota Feeder Calf Show/Feedout Set   ( 2018-09-21 )
The feedout gives producers a chance to see how their calves perform in a feed yard.
BeefTalk: Market Cows and Bulls Rather Than Cull   ( 2018-09-20 )
No herd should have any cull cows or bulls.
Soybeans May Be Viable Cattle Feed Option   ( 2018-09-14 )
Soybeans can be used as a protein supplement for beef cattle, as long as the beans are a small part of the cattle’s diet.
BeefTalk: Cows as Combines   ( 2018-09-13 )
Fall aftermath grazing helps cows increase their conditioning and be better prepared for winter and next year’s calving and breeding.
BeefTalk: 2018 Cow-Calf Production Benchmarks   ( 2018-09-06 )
The number of pounds weaned per cow exposed to the bull topped 500 for the first time in six years.
NDSU Extension Offers Ways to Reduce Grazing Pressure   ( 2018-08-31 )
Producers have several ways to reduce grazing stress on their pastures and meet their cattle’s nutritional needs.
BeefTalk: Economic Greats - 93 Percent of Cow’s Weight Harvested   ( 2018-08-30 )
The economics of the cow-calf business involve three very important economic drivers.
BeefTalk: What Can Sheep Teach Cows?   ( 2018-08-23 )
The fundamental key to profit and loss, whether from cattle or sheep, is controlling costs.
Determine Available Forage for Grazing   ( 2018-08-23 )
Dry conditions make producers concerned about their forage resources.
BeefTalk: Livestock Diversity a Good Thing   ( 2018-08-16 )
Livestock diversity provides the opportunity for additional revenue.
N.D. 4-H’ers Grill Up Success   ( 2018-08-15 )
4-H’ers tested their knowledge of grilling and food safety techniques.
Corn Can Make Good Silage   ( 2018-08-15 )
Corn silage can provide a high-quality feed for livestock if it is harvested and ensiled properly.
BeefTalk: Sheep and Cows: Some Do and Some Do Not   ( 2018-08-09 )
Sheep and cows are able to coexist.
BeefTalk: Let the Cow Save You Money and the Bull Make You Money   ( 2018-08-02 )
Efficient beef production starts when the bull mates with a cow and biological efficiency mates with economic efficiency.
NDSU Extension Apps, Online Tools Take Guesswork Out of Farming   ( 2018-07-30 )
NDSU Extension also has developed health and disaster preparedness online tools and apps.
Pinkeye and Foot Rot a Rancher’s Headache   ( 2018-07-27 )
Producers have several options for controlling flies.
BeefTalk: Cost Per Pound of Calf is Struggling   ( 2018-07-26 )
Cow-calf producers need to manage costs and production.
Don’t Forget the Bulls   ( 2018-07-25 )
Check bulls often during the early part of the breeding season.
BeefTalk: Cow-calf Enterprise Expenses Are Up   ( 2018-07-19 )
Good business practices, an understanding of herd data and marketing skills are the cornerstones of a cow-calf operation.
Reduce Heat Stress in Cattle   ( 2018-07-18 )
Summer heat and humidity can take a toll on cattle and humans.

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