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Spotlight on Economics: Oil Boom and Crime   ( 2018-06-13 )
Tackling crime problems in rural boomtowns requires policies and strategies that respond to communities’ needs.
2018 Bioindustry Summit Set at NDSU   ( 2018-05-01 )
The summit will focus on efficiency gains in corn ethanol production, soybean oil-based biodiesel and updates on federal biofuel policy and trade.
NDSU Bakken Water Research Could Have International Impact   ( 2017-11-15 )
The research sheds light on the effect oil and gas development can have on water use.
25th Annual Aldrich C. Bloomquist Lectureship Set for April 20   ( 2017-04-07 )
Vern Dosch, president and chief executive officer of National Information Solutions Cooperative Inc., will be the featured speaker.
Businesses Can Find Energy Savings   ( 2016-06-21 )
Energy-consuming equipment doesn’t have to be a financial drain on small businesses.
Look at Options Before Replacing Windows for Energy Savings   ( 2016-05-31 )
Window replacement may not be the best option.
Don’t Sweat Summer Energy Bills   ( 2016-05-12 )
Home and business owners have way to cut their cooling costs in the summer.
Adequate Insulation Keeps Home Warm, Saves Money   ( 2016-04-19 )
A good time to add insulation is when you’re remodeling or residing.
LED Light Bulbs Save Money   ( 2016-04-01 )
LED bulbs produce less heat and last longer.
Spotlight on Economics: Forecasting Oil Production in N.D.   ( 2015-06-22 )
Oil production in North Dakota could reach 41.18 million barrels by January 2020.
NDSU to Provide Ethanol Risk Management Training   ( 2015-05-21 )
The program will combine lectures with hands-on learning in the form of exercises, case studies and trading simulations.
Spotlight on Economics: Jet Fuel Costs and Airfares   ( 2015-04-28 )
Airfares and jet fuel prices do not move in lock step because jet fuel costs merely reflect one of the supply factors.
2015 Bioindustry Summit Set at NDSU   ( 2015-04-24 )
This year’s summit will be the first to include a government networking event where innovators, entrepreneurs and investors will be able to visit informally with program specialists from a number of state and federal agencies.
Spotlight on Economics: North Dakota is an Oil State   ( 2015-03-26 )
The decline in rigs means less employment, spending and tax revenue.
Renewable Accounts: Energy Beet Trials Show Significant Results   ( 2015-03-10 )
In Langdon and Carrington trials, energy beets produce more sugar than corn.
Third Annual Reclamation Workshop Set For Feb. 23-24 in Dickinson   ( 2015-01-27 )
The workshop is designed to provide timely, effective reclamation information to affected stakeholders in the Bakken energy development area.
Western Dakota Crops Day Set for Dec. 18   ( 2014-12-02 )
Renewable Accounts: The New Normal?   ( 2014-12-02 )
Regional retail gasoline prices have fallen about 40 cents per gallon since Halloween.
Renewable Accounts: The Rules of the Game   ( 2014-11-25 )
Last November, the EPA proposed slashing mandated volumes of ethanol with the reasoning that the nation does not have the infrastructure or fleet to use such large amounts.
Renewable Accounts: How Much Corn Can the Ethanol Industry Use?   ( 2014-09-22 )
A good number to commit to memory is 14.9 billion gallons. That’s the capacity of the domestic corn ethanol refinery fleet.

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