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Ag News from NDSU

  • NDSU Scientists Study Distillers Grains as Fertilizer  (2017-01-13)  Wet distillers grains and condensed distillers solubles increased corn and spring wheat yields.  FULL STORY
  • NDSU Extension Service Projects Commodity Prices for 2017  (2017-01-12)  These planning prices can be used for preparing annual enterprise budgets and annual whole-farm cash-flow projections.  FULL STORY
  • NDSU Extension Strengthens Programming to Meet Citizen Needs  (2017-01-11)  Extension has added or strengthened programs in response to North Dakotans’ concerns.  FULL STORY
  • 2017 Field to Fork Webinars Begin in February  (2017-01-10)  Free webinars will be held every Wednesday from Feb. 22 to April 26.   FULL STORY
  • Smarter Lunchrooms Movement Reaching N.D.  (2017-01-09)  Simple lunchroom changes have led to big results.  FULL STORY
  • Some N.D. Crops Project a Profit in 2017  (2017-01-05)  The most favorable crop budgets were in the western part of the state.   FULL STORY
  • NDSU Schedules Getting it Right Soybean Production Meetings  (2017-01-05)  These meetings will feature research-based information that can help producers with soybean production decisions for 2017.  FULL STORY
  • Use Standby Generators for Emergency Power  (2016-12-30)  Farmers and homeowners without electrical power need to be careful if using a standby generator.   FULL STORY
  • NDSU Offers Updated Crop Compare Program for 2017  (2016-12-30)  The program provides a tool for producers to check the changing scenarios until final planting decisions are made this spring.  FULL STORY
  • NDSU Extension Hosting Long-term Health-care Workshops  (2016-12-22)  Farm/ranch families could face a huge financial risk without a long-term health-care plan.  FULL STORY
Spotlight on Economics: Spotlight on Economics: Do Retail Meat Prices Decline?  (2016-12-22)  Prices can change daily at the farm level due to seasonal price patterns and production factors.  FULL STORY
BeefTalk: BeefTalk: Crossbreeding: It Works for Feral Pigs  (2017-01-12)  The discussion of hybrid vigor has a place for beef producers.  FULL STORY
Prairie Fare: Prairie Fare: Enjoy More Slimming Soup This Winter  (2017-01-12)  Eating more soup can help prevent weight gain.   FULL STORY
Small-business Savvy: Small-business Savvy: Adding Legal Help to Your Small-business Team  (2016-12-29)  Add an attorney to your business team from the start.  FULL STORY
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