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Ag News from NDSU

  • Hammer Named to National Equine Council  (2015-02-26)  NDSU’s Carrie Hammer has been selected to join the Horses and Humans Research Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Council.  FULL STORY
  • Elgin-ND Hard Red Spring Wheat Available  (2015-02-23)  Elgin-ND is the first North Dakota State University hard red spring wheat cultivar that combines high yield and good quality.  FULL STORY
  • Take Steps to Eat Healthfully  (2015-02-20)  March, National Nutrition Month, is a good time to learn how to develop a healthful diet.  FULL STORY
  • Deadline to Reallocate Base Acres and Update Payment Yields is Feb. 27  (2015-02-20)  There is no downside risk to updating yields because the landowner can retain the existing payment yield if it is higher than 90 percent of the average 2008 through 2012 yield.  FULL STORY
  • NDSU Extension Partnering With USDA on Local Foods Grant Workshops  (2015-02-18)  The workshops will be held in Dickinson, Minot, Wahpeton and Grafton.  FULL STORY
  • Take Your Financial Future Into Your Own Hands  (2015-02-17)  This is the perfect time to set your savings goals and create a plan.   FULL STORY
  • Keep Stored Grain Cool and Dry  (2015-02-13)  Higher grain temperatures reduce the amount of time grain can be stored.  FULL STORY
  • Preparing for Healthy Calves is Vital  (2015-02-11)  A pre-calving program, later calving seasons and feeding pregnant cows properly help make calving go smoothly.   FULL STORY
  • Agricultural Producers Income Tax Filing Deadline is March 2  (2015-02-06)  Ron Haugen, NDSU Extension Service farm economist, has some items to note for your 2013 income tax preparation.  FULL STORY
  • NDSU Sets Best of the Best in Wheat and Soybean Meetings  (2015-01-29)  These meetings will review research findings on issues that impact wheat and soybean production in the region.  FULL STORY
ND State Fair
4-H State Fair Results
Dairy Focus: Dairy Focus: Managing Feed Refusals  (2015-02-26)  Dairy producers need to find the balance between feeding too little and too much.  FULL STORY
Spotlight on Economics: Spotlight on Economics: Significant Interventions in World Grain Markets: FSU and China  (2015-02-23)  In some years, the former Soviet Union is up to 24 percent of the world trade. This almost compares with adding the equivalent of two times the exports of Canada onto the world market.   FULL STORY
BeefTalk: BeefTalk: Commercial Beef Production Benchmarks for 2014  (2015-02-26)  Each year, I look forward to the analysis that generates average values for beef traits.  FULL STORY
Prairie Fare: Prairie Fare: Where Do You Get Your Recipes?  (2015-02-26)  Half of the people who responded to a national phone survey said they use social media, such as Facebook, to learn about food.  FULL STORY
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