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Publication chemical/x-kinemage Nourish Your Skin
A Healthy Skin Diet is Like the Heart-healthy Diet.
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Publication Troff document On the Pulse of Healthful Eating Using More Pulse Foods In Your Diet
Pulses are a type of legume characterized by seeds that grow in pods. These ancient crops have been used in worldwide cuisine for thousands of years. Pulses include chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans), lentils and dry peas. Pulse foods are rich sources of protein, fiber, vitamins such as folate, and minerals such as iron and potassium. They are low in fat and sodium, and are naturally gluten- and cholesterol-free. Researchers have reported that regular consumption of pulses may reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. The purpose of this publication is to show how to use more pulse foods in your diet and provide tested recipes and two weeks of sample menus at the 1,800- and 2,100-calorie levels.
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Publication Know Your Prescription and Nonprescription Medications
Many people take prescription or nonprescription medications on a regular basis. Do you know how to properly store and dispose of medications? Do our medications interact with any foods? Know the questions to discuss with hour healthcare provider.
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Publication text/texmacs Questions and Answers About Gluten-free Diets
You may have noticed an increased number of gluten-free products at your grocery store. Gluten-free products have reached billions of dollars in sales. However, consumers still may be unsure of what gluten is and reasons for gluten-free diets.
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Publication PS document Spillin' the Beans: Dry Edible Bean and Snap Bean Recipes, Nutrition Information and Tips
Beans are one of the most commonly eaten foods around the world because of their versatility, nutritional value and cost effectiveness.
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Publication Octet Stream Fight BAC! Fight Foodborne Bacteria
Be a BAC Fighter and Fight BAC! Clean, separate, cook and chill.
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Publication ODS spreadsheet Questions & Answers About Soy Foods
Soy is a plant native to Asia and has been a staple in the Asian diet for more than 5,000 years. Large-scale soybean cultivation did not start in the U.S. until around World War II. Today, the Midwestern U.S. produces about half of the world’s supply of soybeans.
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Publication text/texmacs Nourish Your Joints
Most of us experience some joint stiffness during seasonal changes. However, degenerative diseases such as arthritis can inhibit daily activities.
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Publication BAC DOWN! Keep Cold Foods Cold GIVE BACTERIA THE COLD SHOULDER. Keep the temperature in your fridge at 40 F or below.
Give bacteria the cold shoulder. Find the Chill challenge, the chill solution and the cool rules in this brochure.
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Publication All About Beans Nutrition, Health Benefits, Preparation and Use in Menus
Beans are among the most versatile and commonly eaten foods throughout the world, and many varieties are grown in the U.S. Because of their nutritional composition, these economical foods have the potential to improve the diet quality and long-term health of those who consume beans regularly. The purpose of this publication is to provide evidence-based nutrition and health information about beans, preparation tips, sample recipes and references for further study.
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