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Prairie Fare: Prevent Accidental Poisoning in Your Home   ( 2018-03-29 )
About 90 percent of poisonings happen in homes.
Prairie Fare: Electric Pressure Cookers Can Speed Meal Preparation   ( 2018-02-08 )
Electric pressure cookers let you make everything from main courses to desserts, but don’t use them for canning food.
Prairie Fare: Is Any Food in Your Fridge Reaching Antique Status?   ( 2017-08-17 )
Be aware of food label lingo to avoid having to toss food.
Dry Soil May Cause Building Problems   ( 2017-06-30 )
Wetting the soil around buildings can help alleviate structural problems in dry weather.
Prairie Fare: Should You Toss the Food or Eat It?   ( 2017-06-08 )
Dates on food packages are quality dates, not expiration dates.
Prairie Fare: Cook it Quickly With Canned Foods   ( 2017-02-02 )
Canned fruits and vegetables can help us meet our nutrition requirements.
Prairie Fare: Keep Thanksgiving Meals Memorable for All the Right Reasons   ( 2016-11-10 )
Be sure to follow food safety guidelines when preparing your Thanksgiving dinner.
Prairie Fare: What Kind of Hand Soap Do You Buy?   ( 2016-10-13 )
Soap’s effectiveness depends on spending enough time scrubbing your hands.
Prairie Fare: Can You Trust “As Seen On TV” or Facebook Ads?   ( 2016-09-08 )
Food canning isn't the time to get creative with new recipes or canning methods.
Check Your Sump Pump Now   ( 2016-03-16 )
Make sure your sump is working properly before you need to use it.
Prairie Fare: Take Steps to Avoid Kitchen Fires   ( 2016-02-04 )
Don’t leave the stove or cooking appliances unattended when being used.
Pump Your Septic Tank Before Winter   ( 2015-10-08 )
Most septic tanks need cleaning about every three years.
Now is Time to Protect Sewer Vents From Freezing   ( 2014-10-24 )
Taking steps now can prevent sewer vents from freezing this winter.
Precautions Can Prevent Frozen Septic Systems   ( 2014-10-01 )
Take steps now to prevent frozen septic systems this winter.
Prevent Sewer Gas Backup   ( 2014-02-04 )
Sewer gas backup can be a health hazard.
NDSU Extension Service Offers Water Damage Cleanup Advice   ( 2013-06-27 )
Cleanup needs to be done quickly to prevent mold growth.
Reduce Ice Dam and Icicle Damage   ( 2013-02-04 )
The best way to avoid damage is to keep ice dams from forming.
Prairie Fare: Here’s the Scoop on Snow Removal   ( 2013-01-31 )
Snow blowers or snow throwers are linked to more than 6,000 emergency room visits, according to a report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Prairie Fare: Don’t Let Your Holidays Become Hazardous   ( 2012-12-13 )
During the holiday season, houses can be filled with potential safety issues for pets and children.
NDSU Offers Fall Prevention Workshop   ( 2012-12-13 )
Stepping On will help participants identify why they fall and offer different ways to prevent falling.

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