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Prairie Fare: Watch Your Sodium Intake During American Heart Month   ( 2019-02-07 )
Americans consume 75 percent of their sodium from processed foods, not from table salt.
Prairie Fare: Be Ready for Extreme Cold This Winter   ( 2018-01-04 )
Here are tips for staying nourished, safe and warm this winter.
Prairie Fare: Mrs. Claus Comments on Santa’s Health   ( 2017-12-14 )
A conversation with Mrs. Claus highlights the importance of good eating and health-care habits.
Prairie Fare: Warm Yourself With Some Soup   ( 2017-11-02 )
Soup is high in liquid, which means it usually is lower in calories than other foods.
Prairie Fare: January is National Hot Tea Month   ( 2017-01-19 )
Studies indicate drinking tea may be good for our health.
Prairie Fare: Enjoy More Slimming Soup This Winter   ( 2017-01-12 )
Eating more soup can help prevent weight gain.
Prairie Fare: Can Alcohol-containing Beverages Fit in a Healthful Diet?   ( 2016-12-22 )
If you consume alcohol, moderation is key.
Prairie Fare: 10 Mini-fridge Makeover Tips for College or at Home   ( 2016-08-18 )
We all can benefit from stocking our refrigerators with healthful snacks.
Prairie Fare: Cupcakes Make Me Nostalgic   ( 2016-05-19 )
The “cupcake incident” brings back memories.
Prairie Fare: Sleep Deprivation Can Affect Health   ( 2016-01-14 )
An estimated 50 million to 70 million U.S. adults experience sleep problems.
Prairie Fare: Take Steps to Manage Mindless Eating in the New Year   ( 2015-12-31 )
Consider setting a goal of eating more “mindfully” when temptations surround you.
Prairie Fare: Follow the CDC’s 3 Actions to Fight the Flu   ( 2015-11-05 )
The flu can lead to serious complications, including pneumonia.
Prairie Fare: Are Potatoes Fattening?   ( 2015-09-10 )
Potatoes are a nutritional bargain.
Prairie Fare: Try a Fruit With Appeal   ( 2015-05-14 )
Bananas have been a popular fruit for thousands of years. In early times, bananas were held in such high esteem they became known as the "fruit of the wise man" and "fruit of paradise."
Prairie Fare: Safe Food Preservation Advice Comes Early This Year   ( 2015-04-30 )
About 30 botulism cases are reported yearly in the U.S. and most of those cases are associated with food canned improperly at home.
Prairie Fare: Be the Grill Master This Spring   ( 2015-03-26 )
Our spring season beckons us to enjoy dining and cooking outdoors.
Prairie Fare: Snooze Your Way to Better Health   ( 2015-02-12 )
The latest sleep research making the news suggests that a 30-minute power nap can offset the wide array of effects of a poor night’s sleep.
Prairie Fare: Save Some Bread With These Tips   ( 2015-01-22 )
At some point in our lives, most of us have found a colorful, fuzzy surprise when we opened a bread bag.
Prairie Fare: Put on Your Baking Scientist Hat   ( 2014-11-26 )
Incorrect measurements and mixing can affect your final product.
Prairie Fare: Do You Know the 3 R’s of Kitchen Conservation?   ( 2014-11-06 )
We can reduce waste in many ways in our kitchen and potentially save some money in the process.

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