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Beginning Ranchers Might Consider Leasing Cows   ( 2013-02-15 )
Leasing livestock may be the new reality in the cattle production industry.
Income Tax Filing Deadline Draws Near for Agricultural Producers   ( 2008-01-31 )
Producers need to take a close look at some tax preparation items.
BeefTalk: Precalving Should Mean Contented Cows   ( 2007-03-08 )
Cows are calving or very pregnant, so contentment is prevalent in the cowherd.
Soybeans and Spring Wheat Project Profit in 2018   ( 2018-01-04 )
The most favorable crop budgets were in the southwestern region, where 12 crops projected a positive return.
Farm Bill Payment Calculator Available for 2018 Cash Flow Estimates   ( 2017-12-21 )
The calculator helps producers estimate the ARC and PLC payments they may receive for their 2017 crops.
ARC-IC Could Be An Option for 2019   ( 2019-12-06 )
Nationwide, less than 1% of base acres were enrolled in ARC-IC.
Oil Spill Regulation Affects Farmers   ( 2010-05-05 )
The new regulations require some farmers to prepare and implement a plan to deal with oil spills on their farms by Nov. 10, 2010.
BeefTalk: Slowly Adapt New Bulls to Their New Home   ( 2010-03-25 )
The best way to treat new bulls is to place them in an environment similar to the one they came from.
BeefTalk: I’m Getting Too Old for the Chicken Dance   ( 2009-04-30 )
Producers surveyed this spring anticipate delaying bull turnout this summer by nine days.
NDSU Sponsors Performance Ram Test in Hettinger   ( 2009-04-28 )
The purpose of the test is to compare growth and carcass traits among ram lambs raised under a similar environment.
Consider Vaccinating for Anthrax Now   ( 2009-04-27 )
Think about getting livestock vaccinated for anthrax soon.
Winter Wheat May Need Top-dressing   ( 2009-04-27 )
Top-dressing should begin as soon as practical.
Use Fungicide Treated Seed to Prevent Diseases   ( 2009-04-23 )
Relocate Feeding Areas Affected by Flooding   ( 2009-04-22 )
One source of cost-sharing assistance is the 319 program.
Spotlight on Economics: Monitoring Asset Values in 2015   ( 2015-02-03 )
Although lenders rely upon cash flow measures to justify loans, they also rely heavily upon the balance sheet, specifically agricultural assets, to provide security and strength to loan decisions.
Prairie Fare: Celebrate Soup Month With Comforting, Satisfying Soup   ( 2015-01-08 )
Researchers found that having soup before a meal can take the edge off your appetite.
NDSU Offers Health Insurance Workbook   ( 2014-12-16 )
Many consumers may be uncomfortable or feel overwhelmed when it comes to making decisions about health insurance coverage.
Orange Blossom Wheat Midge Waiting in the Wings   ( 2007-02-22 )
A soil survey conducted last year detected increasing levels of overwintering wheat midge larvae for the upcoming 2007 season.
NDSU Releases Transgenic Soybean Variety   ( 2007-02-22 )
A transgenic Roundup-resistant soybean variety has been developed and released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station.
Expect Disease Problems on Potatoes and Tomatoes   ( 2010-07-06 )
There needs to be a susceptible host, the presence of the pathogen in the immediate environment and sustained conditions favorable for the pathogen to develop.

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