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Be Prepared For Flooding in Rural Areas   ( 2020-03-25 )
Flooding may be a problem some rural North Dakota areas this spring.
Producers Shouldn’t Change Planting Plans   ( 2020-03-20 )
The current markets are not a good way to make decisions about planting.
Prairie Fare: Be Prepared Foodwise for Spring and Summer Disasters   ( 2020-03-12 )
Power outages, flooding, fires and other disasters can trigger food safety issues.
Livestock Producers Should Prepare for Flooding   ( 2020-03-09 )
Floodwaters can rise quickly, cutting off access to feed and/or water for livestock.
Rain, Snow Observers Needed to Better Forecast N.D. Flood Potential   ( 2020-03-03 )
Volunteers help provide precipitation data.
Don’t Be Tempted to Graze Unharvested Soybeans   ( 2019-11-02 )
Ammonia toxicity is a threat to cattle that overconsume soybeans.
Ag Producers Should Contact Insurance Agents if Harvest Delayed   ( 2019-10-29 )
Insurance providers may allow additional time to harvest, on a case-by-case basis.
Prairie Fare: What Would You Do in a Disaster Involving Food?   ( 2019-04-04 )
Know what to do if a flood affects your food supply.
Flooding Could Force Producers to Move Cattle   ( 2019-03-25 )
Cattle producers should be prepared for wet, muddy conditions and possible flooding this spring.
Be Prepared for Flooding   ( 2019-03-21 )
Planning is a vital part of fighting a flood.
NDSU’s Hellevang Named Professional Engineer of the Year   ( 2018-08-07 )
Ken Hellevang receives recognition for his work as an agricultural engineer.
NDSU Extension Apps, Online Tools Take Guesswork Out of Farming   ( 2018-07-30 )
NDSU Extension also has developed health and disaster preparedness online tools and apps.
NDSU to Host Climate Workshop   ( 2018-05-15 )
Climate prediction applications will be among the topics covered.
NDSU FeedList Open for Donations to Ranchers   ( 2017-07-07 )
Farmers and ranchers who have feedstuffs for sale or to donate can list them on the FeedList website.
Small-business Savvy: Prepare Your Small Business for Disaster   ( 2016-09-29 )
Disasters will happen, so be prepared.
New Disaster App Helps Small Businesses Prepare for the Worst   ( 2016-08-26 )
The app is available free for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.
Devils Lake Flooding Continues to Cause Agricultural Losses   ( 2015-05-15 )
Approximately 10,000 acres of additional cropland is estimated to be lost for every 1 foot rise in the level of Devils Lake.
NDAWN Celebrates 25 Years   ( 2014-09-03 )
The network provides weather data that is used in developing various agricultural models.
Agricultural Losses Due to Flooding Continue in Devil Lake Basin   ( 2014-05-09 )
Estimates show that there will be an increase of more than 10,000 acres of cropland lost to Devils Lake in 2014.
Document Livestock Losses   ( 2014-03-03 )
Farm bill may provide producers with compensation for some livestock losses.

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