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Precipitation Predictor of Forage Production Potential   ( 2020-05-06 )
In North Dakota, April-June precipitation is a good predictor of annual forage production in mixed-grass prairies.
Get to Know Your Grass   ( 2020-03-19 )
Knowing the predominant grass species on a livestock operation is important for ranchers because not all grass is created equally.
NDSU Extension Offers Advice on Feeding Low-quality Forage to Cattle   ( 2019-12-18 )
Some forage supplies could be of low quality this year.
Stretch Limited Hay Supplies   ( 2019-12-06 )
Producers may not have enough forage on hand to meet winter feeding needs.
Unharvested Corn Can be Feed for Cattle   ( 2019-10-29 )
Producers have options for using unharvested corn.
NDSU Extension to Host Fall Agriculture Challenges Webinar Series   ( 2019-10-26 )
This webinar series will give producers an opportunity to share their concerns and learn about their options.
NDSU Extension Encourages Producers to Assess Forage Requirements   ( 2019-10-17 )
Wet conditions during haying may have reduced the quantity and quality of hay this year.
Rain Impacts Forage Quality   ( 2019-08-19 )
Rain has created challenges for producers trying to put up hay this summer.
Grazing/Harvesting Rule Change to Benefit Producers   ( 2019-07-08 )
The USDA is allowing producers to graze, hay or cut cover crops on prevented-planting acres beginning Sept. 1.
Nitrate Toxicity Poses Risk to Cattle   ( 2019-07-02 )
Test forages for nitrates prior to grazing or haying.
Consider Alternatives to Early Grazing   ( 2019-04-04 )
Grazing too early in the spring can result in decreased forage production the entire grazing season.
Feeding Cattle Extra Reduces Hay Stocks   ( 2019-03-04 )
Producers may need to stretch hay supplies with grain or grain byproducts.
NDSU Hosting Cover Crop and Forage Grazing Workshop   ( 2019-02-21 )
Attendees will learn about the latest research on grazing cover crops.
Warm-season Annuals May Be Forage Option   ( 2018-06-06 )
Planting summer annual forage crops could be an option where moisture is adequate for emergence or rain still may come.
NDSU Research Improves Beef Cattle Production   ( 2017-10-03 )
Nutrition and meat quality were among the topics NDSU animal scientists have been studying.
Fall Grazing Offers Opportunities and Challenges   ( 2017-09-20 )
NDSU Extension specialists offer fall grazing advice.
BeefTalk: Diversity Helps Mitigate Drought Effects   ( 2017-08-17 )
Healthy soil is critical to effective, sustainable farming practices.
Cover Crop Exchange Available   ( 2017-08-11 )
Producers with cover crops available for grazing and those wanting their livestock to graze on cover crops can connect through NDSU’s FeedList.
BeefTalk: Managing Drought Through Proper Soil Health   ( 2017-08-10 )
The effective mitigation of drought is improved soil health and using the available moisture more effectively.
Livestock Forage Disaster Payment Calculator Available   ( 2017-08-04 )
An Excel program can give producers a quick estimate of payments.

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