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New Hard Red Spring Wheat Released by N.D. Agricultural Experiment Station

ND 901CL PLUS was selected from the first HRSW generation with the Clearfield resistance based on a two-gene system.

ND 901CL PLUS, a new hard red spring wheat (HRSW), has been developed and released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, says Dwain Meyer, North Dakota State University Department of Plant Sciences interim chair.

It is the first Clearfield herbicide-resistant line released by the experiment station. ND 901CL PLUS was selected from the first HRSW generation with the Clearfield resistance based on a two-gene system.

“ND 901CL PLUS is recommended primarily for rain-fed wheat production in western North Dakota and counties in adjacent states where annual grasses, such as wild oats, brome and broadleaf weeds, are common” says Mohamed Mergoum, NDSU HRSW plant breeder. “Its parentage includes Grandin and Kulm, which are two HRSW varieties also developed by NDSU that are adapted to the western region of the state. The sources of Clearfield resistance genes were from Teal and FS4 genotypes provided by the BASF Corp.”

In tests, ND 901CL PLUS yielded higher than AP 603CL, a Clearfield herbicide-resistant HRSW released by AgriPro in 2006. Its yield was comparable with Alsen but slightly lower than Reeder.

ND 901CL PLUS is a semidwarf similar to Glenn and AP 603CL. Its maturity date is medium-early, which is similar to Parshall and Steele-ND, but earlier than AP603CL. It also has good straw strength.

“ND 901CL PLUS has very good milling and baking properties in general, with a slightly low mixing time, but similar or better to that of Reeder,” Mergoum says. “It is very high in protein similar to Dapps and has a test weight close to that of Alsen.”

ND 901CL PLUS is resistant to medium-resistant to leaf rust, medium-susceptible to medium-resistant to stem rust, susceptible to scab and medium-susceptible to medium-resistant to other leaf diseases. The disease package is somewhat weak; therefore, ND 901CL PLUS is recommended for western North Dakota, where disease resistance generally is not as critical.

There is a limited amount of ND 901CL PLUS seed available through the North Dakota Crop Improvement Association’s Dakota Select Seed Program. For more information on seed availability, call Mike Gardner at (701) 226-2729 or Paul Anderson at (701) 442-5552.

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