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Spotlight on Economics

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Archive of Spotlight on Economics columns
Spotlight on Economics: Who Will Serve Pork to Chinese Consumers?   ( 2020-03-04 )
China has struggled to meet the growing demands for pork with its domestic supplies.
Spotlight on Economics: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?   ( 2020-01-29 )
Civil discourse is fundamental to a free, open and pluralistic society.
Spotlight on Economics: Trade is Good for the Environment   ( 2019-01-09 )
Years of liberalized international trade have increased incomes and led to improved environmental quality in many regions of the world.
Spotlight on Economics: Big Data, Analytics and Corn Have Much in Common   ( 2018-10-17 )
Big data is helpful if it's convert into something useful: information and actionable insights.
Spotlight on Economics: The Art of Mediation   ( 2018-10-03 )
Mediation is an art as much as it is a science.
Spotlight on Economics: Health and Environmental Concerns of Indiscriminate GMO Adoption in Agriculture   ( 2018-09-19 )
Producers need to keep an eye on scientific developments in agriculture and international health and food policies.
Spotlight on Economics: Occupational Safety at Agricultural Cooperatives   ( 2018-08-08 )
Improved occupational safety may yield business benefits for agricultural cooperatives.
Spotlight on Economics: Cattle Price Volatility Continues   ( 2018-07-11 )
Expect cattle and other livestock price volatility to continue until trade disputes are resolved.
Spotlight on Economics: Oil Boom and Crime   ( 2018-06-13 )
Tackling crime problems in rural boomtowns requires policies and strategies that respond to communities’ needs.
Spotlight on Economics: New Center Brings Speakers, Scholarships to Campus   ( 2018-05-30 )
The Center for the Study of Public Choice and Private Enterprise was launched a little more than a year ago.
Spotlight on Economics: The Monetary Role of Commodities   ( 2018-05-17 )
Markets regulate the quantity of money.
Spotlight on Economics: NAFTA Renegotiation and Issues Related to Sweetener Trade   ( 2018-02-07 )
Sugar and other sweeteners could be an issue in NAFTA renegotiations.
Spotlight on Economics: We Enjoy Environmental Services Without Paying for Them   ( 2018-01-17 )
The benefits of nature-based recreation should be accounted for when making public-policy decisions on public lands and environmental programs.
Spotlight on Economics: Procuring an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Not for the Faint of Heart   ( 2017-12-27 )
Do the research to see which option is best for your needs.
Spotlight on Economics: Wading Through the Economics of Drones   ( 2017-12-14 )
Producers need to decide whether a drone really will benefit them before investing in one.
Spotlight on Economics: Waters of the United States   ( 2017-10-10 )
Now may be the time for the legislative branch to clarify the scope of the Clean Water Act.
Spotlight on Economics: Is Your House Free of Flood Risk?   ( 2017-10-03 )
Flood risk can affect a home’s market value.
Spotlight on Economics: Role of Nonreciprocal Trade Liberalization Programs in Value-added Exports   ( 2017-09-26 )
Nonreciprocal trade agreements impact value-added trade.
Spotlight on Economics: China’s Growing Demand for Meat   ( 2017-09-19 )
China’s increased demand for meat could have an impact on North Dakota.
Spotlight on Economics: Do Casinos Have a Positive Effect on Economic Growth?   ( 2017-09-12 )
The social costs of gambling remain an important issue in the casino debate.
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