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Archive of Spotlight on Economics columns
Spotlight on Economics: Agriculture in China   ( 2016-05-11 )
American agriculture is very different from agriculture in China, but what is common is the entrepreneurial spirit.
Spotlight on Economics: Soybean Export Growth Opportunities and Quality   ( 2016-04-27 )
An important issue confronting exports of soybean is the protein content, which varies across regions and through time.
Spotlight on Economics: The Importance of Financial Flexibility   ( 2016-04-14 )
The current financial stress in agriculture has highlighted the importance of a farm maintaining financial flexibility.
Spotlight on Economics: An Initial Assessment of How the Proposed Fargo-Moorhead Diversion Might Affect Crop Planting   ( 2016-04-04 )
A recent NDSU study examines the potential for planting delays and sheds light on multiple sides of the FM Diversion issue.
Spotlight on Economics: Supporting a Nonresident Workforce   ( 2016-03-16 )
Supporting the oil and gas industry workforce with a different mix of goods and services can be challenging.
Spotlight on Economics: Addressing Western N.D. Water Needs With Water Markets   ( 2015-11-06 )
Western North Dakota has faced a dramatic increase in water demand during this decade’s oil boom. Can state water managers keep adjusting to meet the state's water needs?
Spotlight on Economics: The Cattle Cycle Revisited   ( 2015-10-09 )
Unexpected and unpredictable events have plagued the beef industry for the last 15 years.
Spotlight on Economics: Valuation of Agricultural Land for Real Estate Tax Assessment in N.D.   ( 2015-09-22 )
Due to increased value of crop production, the value of land for most counties in N.D. has been considerably higher than in prior years.
Spotlight on Economics: Defining Waters of the U.S. Involves the 3 Branches of Government   ( 2015-08-31 )
Interpreting the definition of "waters of the United States" is easier said than done.
Spotlight on Economics: Are Low Crop Prices Here to Stay?   ( 2015-08-19 )
Seeing high grain prices again is possible, but it likely will not happen this year.
Spotlight on Economics: Fargo Housing Market   ( 2015-08-03 )
Home prices in Fargo and West Fargo have been increasing steadily.
Spotlight on Economics: Are Appropriate Statistical Models Used in Empirical Analysis With Hierarchical Data?   ( 2015-07-14 )
Identifying, evaluating and using hierarchical linear models is important.
Spotlight on Economics: Solving the Problem of Food Security   ( 2015-07-06 )
Food security is a humanistic issue as well as an economic issue.
Spotlight on Economics: Forecasting Oil Production in N.D.   ( 2015-06-22 )
Oil production in North Dakota could reach 41.18 million barrels by January 2020.
Spotlight on Economics: Monetary Policy and Slack in the Labor Market   ( 2015-06-15 )
Some slack may remain in the U.S. labor market.
Spotlight on Economics: Area Agriculture Experiences Regional and Farm Type Role Reversal   ( 2015-06-08 )
Farms outside of the Red River Valley and livestock operations outperformed Red River Valley farms and crop farms in 2014.
Spotlight on Economics: Evolution of Small-asset Credit Unions   ( 2015-05-27 )
Small-asset credit unions are the most common, comprising 23 percent of all U.S. credit unions in 2012 and averaging 900 members.
Spotlight on Economics: Jet Fuel Costs and Airfares   ( 2015-04-28 )
Airfares and jet fuel prices do not move in lock step because jet fuel costs merely reflect one of the supply factors.
Spotlight on Economics: Freedom and Flourishing   ( 2015-04-14 )
With increased economic freedom, people lead more prosperous and happier lives. People enjoy these benefits while maintaining, and possibly enhancing, social trust and civic engagement.
Spotlight on Economics: North Dakota is an Oil State   ( 2015-03-26 )
The decline in rigs means less employment, spending and tax revenue.
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