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Renewable Accounts: E15 fuel could help you, the environment and N.D. farmers   ( 2019-06-06 )
The EPA now allows E15 fuel to be sold year-round.
Renewable Accounts: Big Numbers for North Dakota Transportation   ( 2019-05-28 )
North Dakota is now the nation’s number two oil-producing state.
Renewable Accounts: The Price of Everything   ( 2016-02-17 )
Understanding the concept of opportunity cost will be important to farmers in the coming years.
Renewable Accounts: Solid Biofuels, Part One   ( 2016-02-02 )
Solid biofuels and their associated environmental policies may have an impact on North Dakota farmers.
Renewable Accounts: Liquid Hydrocarbon Limbo   ( 2016-01-20 )
What’s most troubling about the price of oil is not where it is, but where it might go.
Renewable Accounts: The Drive for Five   ( 2015-12-31 )
Increased gas use is good news for the American farmer.
Renewable Accounts: Revisiting the Events of 2015   ( 2015-12-22 )
A solid economy and good crops yields are among the positives.
Renewable Accounts: Big News for Biodiesel   ( 2015-12-04 )
Biodiesel use is allowed to increase.
Renewable Accounts: Energy Beet Trials Show Significant Results   ( 2015-03-10 )
In Langdon and Carrington trials, energy beets produce more sugar than corn.
Renewable Accounts: The New Normal?   ( 2014-12-02 )
Regional retail gasoline prices have fallen about 40 cents per gallon since Halloween.
Renewable Accounts: The Rules of the Game   ( 2014-11-25 )
Last November, the EPA proposed slashing mandated volumes of ethanol with the reasoning that the nation does not have the infrastructure or fleet to use such large amounts.
Renewable Accounts: How Much Corn Can the Ethanol Industry Use?   ( 2014-09-22 )
A good number to commit to memory is 14.9 billion gallons. That’s the capacity of the domestic corn ethanol refinery fleet.
Renewable Accounts: Big Pipe Could Mean Big Opportunities   ( 2014-02-12 )
The infrastructure to collect natural gas and move it is not fully developed, as evidenced by the continued flaring of gas. However, this is expected to change soon and in a big way.
Renewable Accounts: The Championship Football Series and Biofuel Analogy   ( 2013-12-27 )
The NCAA Division I Football Championship series that the NDSU Bison are returning to for the third straight year provides the basis for an analogy with the renewable fuel standard, which is the federal policy that mandates minimum biofuel use.
Renewable Accounts: Short- and Long-term Implications of the RFS Waiver   ( 2013-12-04 )
The EPA’s plan essentially reduces the floor for domestic corn-ethanol use from 14.4 billion gallons to 13 billion gallons.
Renewable Accounts: Keep Your Eyes on Washington   ( 2013-11-13 )
Continued competitive pricing of higher blends of ethanol would move a lot of fuel.
Renewable Accounts: Energy Independence   ( 2013-09-17 )
We still do not produce all of the energy that we consume.
Renewable Accounts: Taking Notice of E85   ( 2013-09-04 )
This year or next, more ethanol will be mandated to be used than can be blended into E10. The issue has been dubbed the “blend wall.”
Renewable Accounts: Disruptive Gas   ( 2013-08-15 )
Natural gas is among the biggest issues in renewables because its low cost has disrupted global energy and manufacturing, including biofuels and bioproducts.
Renewable Accounts: Energy Returns on Biofuels   ( 2013-07-19 )
The results can vary greatly depending on the data and assumptions used.
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