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Prairie Fare: Does Chocolate Have Health Benefits?   ( 2019-10-10 )
Good news: A moderate amount of chocolate has been shown to have some health benefits.
Prairie Fare: Enjoy an Autumn Feast for Your Eyes   ( 2019-10-03 )
Make sure to eat colorful fruits and veggies.
Prairie Fare: Try Some Beautiful Beans   ( 2019-09-26 )
Beans, such as pinto, kidney and navy beans, are excellent sources of protein and fiber.
Prairie Fare: Try Some Tailgating Treats During Football Season   ( 2019-09-19 )
You can make tailgating a little easier on the waistline with these tips.
Prairie Fare: Give Beets a Chance   ( 2019-09-12 )
Some studies link beets to fighting heart disease, cancer, diabetes and even dementia.
Prairie Fare: Make Eating Together a Priority   ( 2019-09-05 )
Family meals offer numerous benefits.
Prairie Fare: Victory Garden Lessons Ring True Today   ( 2019-08-29 )
Reducing food waste and using fresh fruits in season are as important today as they were during World War I and II.
Prairie Fare: Have You Had Some Tomatoes Lately?   ( 2019-08-22 )
When you select tomatoes, look for ones that are firm, smooth and plump with good color.
Prairie Fare: Kitchen Hacks to Prevent Culinary Disasters   ( 2019-08-15 )
An ingredient substitution may save your meal.
Prairie Fare: Soy Foods and Health: What to Know   ( 2019-08-08 )
Soy products, including foods, touch our lives every day.
Prairie Fare: Pick a Pickle   ( 2019-08-01 )
Pickling was one of the early forms of preserving food.
Prairie Fare: Preserve the Pick of the Season Safely   ( 2019-07-25 )
Many vegetable crops are in season, and others will be coming our way.
Prairie Fare: A Taste of Brazil is Worth Trying   ( 2019-07-18 )
Give beans a try on your menu.
Prairie Fare: Give Fresh Rosemary a Try on Your Menu   ( 2019-07-11 )
Rosemary can be used to add flavor to a variety of foods, such as lamb, chicken, roasts, fish, stew and roasted vegetables.
Prairie Fare: Have You Tried Cilantro?   ( 2019-07-03 )
Try adding an herb to your menu.
Prairie Fare: Make Some Memories During National Picnic Month   ( 2019-06-27 )
Don’t let foodborne illnesses spoil your picnic this summer.
Prairie Fare: Inspire Your Menus With Fresh Basil   ( 2019-06-20 )
Herbs such as basil flavor food without you having to add salt to recipes.
Prairie Fare: Enjoy Lounging Outdoors With a Refreshing Beverage   ( 2019-06-13 )
If plain water is kind of boring, try infusing it with fruit and/or herbs.
Prairie Fare: Enjoy Seasonal Strawberries   ( 2019-06-06 )
Strawberries are “in season” in the spring and summer.
Prairie Fare: Be Cautious With Chemicals During Gardening Season   ( 2019-05-30 )
Plan ahead and apply pesticides properly.
Prairie Fare: Prairie Fare: Does Chocolate Have Health Benefits?  (2019-10-10)  Good news: A moderate amount of chocolate has been shown to have some health benefits.  FULL STORY
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