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Prairie Fare: Enjoy More Family Meals During the Coronavirus Pandemic   ( 2020-04-02 )
Eating together as a family has many benefits.
Prairie Fare: Exercise Caution When Cleaning, Disinfecting in Time of COVID-19   ( 2020-03-26 )
Never mix a bleach solution with a household ammonia solution.
Prairie Fare: What’s in Your Home Food Pantry?   ( 2020-03-19 )
Check to see what you have in your pantry before buying more groceries.
Prairie Fare: Be Prepared Foodwise for Spring and Summer Disasters   ( 2020-03-12 )
Power outages, flooding, fires and other disasters can trigger food safety issues.
Prairie Fare: Prom Dress Dilemma Brings Coronavirus Impact Home   ( 2020-03-05 )
We can take steps to reduce our risk of becoming ill from a variety of viruses.
Prairie Fare: Cancer Screening Can Save Your Life   ( 2020-02-27 )
About one-third of people are not up to date on their health-care screenings.
Prairie Fare: How Do Cafeteria Choices Influence Our Diet and Health?   ( 2020-02-20 )
We don’t have to eat a boring diet to maintain our weight, but we do need to think about our food choices.
Prairie Fare: Ask Yourself Some Heart-health Questions   ( 2020-02-13 )
February is American Heart Month, which is a good time to think about your health and how to improve it.
Prairie Fare: Can You Guess the Vegetable?   ( 2020-02-06 )
Americans eat nearly 9 pounds of this vegetable per year.
Prairie Fare: How Often Do You Eat Fish or Shellfish?   ( 2020-01-30 )
We should eat at least 8 ounces of fish/shellfish per week.
Prairie Fare: What’s Your Game Plan for Food Safety on Game Day?   ( 2020-01-23 )
A calibrated food thermometer is one way to help ensure food safety.
Prairie Fare: How Do Plant- and Animal-based ‘Burgers’ Compare?   ( 2020-01-16 )
Swapping plant-based “burgers” for beef burgers probably is not the answer to a more healthful diet.
Prairie Fare: Bake Some Comforting Biscuits This Winter   ( 2020-01-09 )
Winter is a prime time to explore some culinary challenges.
Prairie Fare: Are Pets Good for Your Health?   ( 2020-01-02 )
Pets can help reduce our blood pressure and cholesterol level.
Prairie Fare: Put New Appliances to Work   ( 2019-12-26 )
Pressure cooking allows you to save time and, potentially, money.
Prairie Fare: Nourish and Protect Your Skin This Winter   ( 2019-12-19 )
We need to take care of our skin all year long, but especially in the winter.
Prairie Fare: Is Intermittent Fasting Good for Your Health?   ( 2019-12-12 )
Before changing your eating plan, work with a health-care provider and a dietitian to develop a healthful eating pattern.
Prairie Fare: 2 Reasons to Avoid Eating Cookie Dough This Holiday Season   ( 2019-12-05 )
Cookie dough usually contains raw eggs and flour, which can have harmful bacteria.
Prairie Fare: Gift Ideas That Are Easy on the Budget and Positive for Your Health   ( 2019-11-27 )
You can opt for giving gifts that do not take a lot of space or cost a lot of money.
Prairie Fare: Take Steps to Avoid Getting Sick During Cold and Flu Season   ( 2019-11-21 )
Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm, soapy water is one of the most important ways to help prevent colds and the flu.
Prairie Fare: Prairie Fare: Enjoy More Family Meals During the Coronavirus Pandemic  (2020-04-02)  Eating together as a family has many benefits.  FULL STORY
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