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Dakota Gardener: Beware of the Garden Glutton   ( 2020-08-04 )
Hornworms eat four times their weight every day.
Dakota Gardener: Stumps I Have Known and Loved   ( 2020-07-28 )
Stumps can provide valuable information and education.
Dakota Gardener: Munsinger and Clemens Gardens a Love Story   ( 2020-07-21 )
Visiting the Munsinger and Clemens Gardens in St. Cloud, Minn., is an experience.
Dakota Gardener: Water the Roots   ( 2020-07-14 )
Sometimes we need to supplement the water that Mother Nature provides.
Dakota Gardener: The Right Way to Water Your Lawn   ( 2020-07-07 )
Your lawn needs about 1 inch of water per week.
Dakota Gardener: The Power of Observation   ( 2020-06-30 )
Trees are amazing to observe because they go through the same cycle of growth, senescence and dormancy every year.
Dakota Gardener: The Importance of Bees in Vegetable Gardens and Backyard Orchards   ( 2020-06-23 )
Bees are responsible for pollinating the majority of our vegetable, fruit and nut crops grown in the U.S.
Dakota Gardener: Pruning Tomatoes   ( 2020-06-16 )
Pruning tomatoes doesn’t take that much time and is pretty easy to do.
Dakota Gardener: Bear vs. Zucchini - Who Would Win?   ( 2020-06-09 )
Zucchini is a versatile vegetable.
Dakota Gardener: Phenology – It’s All About Timing   ( 2020-06-02 )
The NDSU Extension forester discusses the timing of trees’ bud break in the spring.
Dakota Gardener: Can a Raised Garden Bed Be Functional and Beautiful?   ( 2020-05-26 )
An NDSU horticulturist offers advice on raised garden beds.
Dakota Gardener: Unexplored Vegetable Garden Spaces   ( 2020-05-19 )
Consider combining ornamentals and edibles in your landscape plantings.
Dakota Gardener: The Best Peas for North Dakota   ( 2020-05-12 )
The first step to growing peas is to select the best pea variety.
Dakota Gardener: Trees in the Spring - What to Expect   ( 2020-05-05 )
Trees may have suffered from winter injury or damage from rabbits, voles and deer.
Dakota Gardener: Prevent Crabgrass This Spring   ( 2020-04-28 )
For best control, apply a crabgrass pre-emergent herbicide before the soil reaches an average temperature of 55 F.
Dakota Gardener: Garden Soil Preparation   ( 2020-04-21 )
The soil is the most important part of your garden.
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Dakota Gardener:  Dakota Gardener: Beware of the Garden Glutton  (2020-08-04)  Hornworms eat four times their weight every day.  FULL STORY
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