Global Institute of Food Security and International Agriculture


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Current & Emerging GIFSIA Project Initiatives

Key Program Platforms for Partnerships and Collaborations:

1)   “Food Systems for Health” as a research, innovation and advisory platform for food security-linked public health solutions and niche localized economic development.

2)   “Food Systems for Climate Resilience” as a research, innovation and advisory platform for food ecology and biodiversity driven food security solutions.

3)   “Global Studies/World Food Systems” program as a 2 weeks modular “Study Abroad” educational program to understand global challenges and solutions.

4)   “Research Design and Publication Strategies” 2 days module to advance university and institutional research excellence promoting NDSU and international collaborations.

GIFSIA InitiativesSpecific Project Initiatives:


1)      North Dakota Food Security and Specialty Crops for Agriculture and Rural Health Initiative in Harvey, ND.

2)      ND and MN Community Food Ecology and Food Security Initiative Model for Indigenous Communities.

3)      Advancing solutions based on Plant Metabolic Innovations and Soil Health concepts to Great Plains organic grain, fruit and vegetable producers.

4)      Advancing Specialty Crops of Great Plains for value added exports for advancing food security and health solutions globally.

5)      NDSU Annual Food for Health Conference in Fargo, ND and building international partnerships for Great Plains regions.

6)      Traditional Food Community and Longevity Health Initiative in Aira, Japan.

7)      Trans-Generational Community Food Security Initiative in Great Plains and Globally.



1)      Climate Resilience Metabolic Solutions for Food Crop Production in Great Plains.

2)      Human Health Relevant Bioactive Enrichment for Value Added Crops of Great Plains.

3)      Food Security and Climate Resilience Initiative in Thailand.

4)      Food Security and Climate Resilience Initiative in India.

5)      Global Food Microbiome Initiative and Metabolic Biology of Traditional Fermented Food Systems.

6)      Advancing Global Traditional Food Systems for Health based on Ecological Driven Metabolic Rationale linked to Redox Biology.

7)      Research Collaborations with National Institution of Animal Nutrition and Physiology (NIANP), Bangalore, India.

8)      Research Collaborations with University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Bangalore and Dharwad on “Crops Systems and Food Diversity for Climate Resilience and Human Health”.

9)      Research Collaborations on “Rural Women Enterprises” linking agricultural and engineering innovations with Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology (NMIT), Bangalore, India.


Teaching, Study Abroad and Research:

1)      NDSU Global Studies/World Food Security Study Abroad Program for Kagoshima University, Japan.

2)      Global Studies/World Food Security  NDSU Study Abroad Programs

a)      Tanegashima, Japan

b)      Skaro, Denmark

c)      Bali, Indonesia

d)      University of Costa Rica

e)      Peru & Ecuador


3)      Research and Study Abroad Collaborations

a)      Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia 

b)      Chiang Mai University (CMU), Thailand

c)      Kagoshima University (KU), Japan

d)      University of Cost Rica (UCR).

e)      University of San Francisco (USFQ), Quito, Ecuador


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