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The NDSU Extension Service recognizes the crucial need for mental and behavioral health awareness, education, and referrals. Although we do not employ mental health professionals, we provide educational resources on topics in mental and behavioral health and partner with existing groups and organizations to further training and support in this area. This site provides information on selected resources and programs to increase awareness and assist individuals in seeking out support for needs related to mental, emotional, and behavioral health.

Mental / Behavioral Health

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Identifying Signs of Stress in Your Children and Teens

Young people, like adults, experience stress.

It can come from a variety of sources including doing well in school, making and sustaining friendships, or managing perceived expectations from their parents, teachers or coaches. Some stress can be positive in that it provides the energy to tackle a big test, presentation or sports event. Too much stress, however, can create unnecessary hardship and challenge. Adults can sometimes be unaware when their children or teens are experiencing overwhelming feelings of stress. 

Watch for negative changes in behavior.Youth of all ages, but especially younger children, may find it difficult to recognize and verbalize when they are experiencing stress. For children, stress can manifest itself through changes in behavior.

Common changes can include:

  • acting irritable
  • moody
  • withdrawing from activities that used to give them pleasure,
  • routinely expressing worries
  • complaining more than usual about school
  • crying
  • displaying surprising fearful reactions
  • clinging to a parent or teacher
  • sleeping too much or too little
  • eating too much or too little.
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Healthy bonding and attachment between parent and child is one of the biggest factors preventing behavioral health issues like underage drinking, drug use, depression, and anxiety. Knowing parents can have such a positive influence on the overall health and well-being of their children, Parents Lead has recently expanded its focus from underage drinking prevention to all children’s behavioral health topics.

Our mission is simple: To support parents in promoting the behavioral health of their children.

Go to the NEW site. 

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SafeTALK, Suicide Alert Training

Most people with thoughts of suicide don’t truly want to die, but are struggling with the pain in their lives. Through their words and actions, they invite help to stay alive. 

SafeTALK-trained helpers can recognize these invitations and take action by connecting them with life-saving intervention resources. 

SafeTALK is a 3-hour alertness workshop that prepares anyone over the age of 15, regardless of prior experience or training, to become a suicide-alert helper. 

The recent emphasis on suicide prevention has prompted NDSU Extension to invite FirstLink to offer the following classes specifically for our NDSU staff and our community partners. 

Everyone is welcome to attend. This training is on a first come-first serve basis with a minimum of 10 people and maximum of 30 people. The cost is $25.00 per person.

There are three date and location options for training: 

August 16, 2018 -  Grand Forks County Office Building, 151 South 4th Street, Grand Forks, ND (1-4pm)

August 22, 2018 - Stutsman County Extension Office Community Room, 502 10th Ave SE, Jamestown, ND (1-4pm)

August 30, 2018 - Morton County Courthouse Commissioners Room, 210 2nd Ave NW, Mandan, ND (1-4pm)

Register through Marketplace at:


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Older Veteran Behavioral Health Resource Inventory

The Older Veteran Behavioral Health Resource Inventory provides an overview of resources for health and social service professionals interested in enhancing their outreach and support for older veterans who have or are at risk for behavioral health conditions.

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