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Small Business

Build your bottom line with these resources. Our focus is to help North Dakota small business owners start, grow and prosper. Check for new information both below and in the "What's New" highlights. And don't forget to follow us on social media.


Your Small Business Needs a Sign

People have to find your business if you hope to sell anything. So help the consumer by having a visible, clearly read sign to your business. And think about the speed that the customer is going when passing your business. Also, are they driving or walking? Signs are part of your visual marketing effort. Make sure yours are working for you. Get some sign tips in this article.


Millennials and Their Food Choices

Photo (CC) by Elizabeth Hahn, on Flickr
We hear a great deal about millennials. Their generation is just now entering the workforce. As the largest segment of the population, their behaviors will have a great impact on our economy. And they are at the age where they have spending power that will only increase. One of their interests and passions is food - local, organic, and natural - plus the experience that comes with it. If you are a food entrepreneur, you need to study this segment and see how you might appeal to their interests. Read more here. Photo (CC) by Elizabeth Hahn, on Flicker


Connect with Your Customers

Photo (CC) by Alan Cleaver, on Flickr
Do you want to have a successful business? Start by connecting with your customers. Your customers define what you should offer, where you should offer it, the times you should be open, and even the price you will charge.  And the list goes on. Yet many small-business owners say they don't know how  or where to connect. How is simply making conversation or engaging with your customer. It may be just a greeting to begin with. And where can be anywhere, from online to in your store to at social events or a baseball game. Building good connections takes practice and time but it is worth the effort. Read more here.   Photo (CC) by Alan Cleaver, on Flickr


Innovation, Opportunities and Small Business

Photo (CC 2.0) by Erick Ferdinand, on FlickrAn innovation might or might not be an opportunity. Opportunities usually involve some type of innovation if we use that term broadly. So how do we know what's innovative? Here is a short video that offers a good visual definition.


Small Businesses have Big Role in Communities

I would argue that small businesses are the key economic engine for many communities. This is certainly the case in rural and smaller towns. The dollars they generate and the jobs they produce are crucial. Plus in their role they become involved in community activities and serve in leadership roles. See what more they offer.


Riverbound FarmEnjoy Success with Your Small Farm

Running a niche small farm or an agritourism operation is seen by many as an opportunity. The University of Vermont Extension has a project designed to help people starting such operations. This article provides a link to those and other resources. Tap into these networks of assistance.



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