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Small Business

Build your bottom line with these resources. Our focus is to help North Dakota small business owners start, grow and prosper. Check for new information both below and in the "What's New" highlights. And don't forget to follow us on social media.


Sale Point Alternatives

Photo (CC 2.0) by glullana_miranda, on FlickrWhere and how you sell your product or service are an important element to include in your planning process. Where once everything was sold in a shop, new technologies have continued to open different ways to market to the consumer. This story writes about the blending of the vending machine with the sale of meat. This might be just the alternative you were looking for or it might be the catalyst that helps you find another idea. Read more.


Your Digital Legacy

Photo (CC 2.0) by mkhmarketing, on FlickrThe idea of a digital legacy comes up most often when one thinks about their personal online presence. Yet the business owner also has such a presence and needs to consider what happens to it if he or she would die or if the business would be sold. Here are some thoughts to get you started on making transition decisions.


Follow the Trends to Build Your Business

Photo (CC) by Nana B. Agyel, on FlickrIf you want to stay in business, you need to stay up with trends and changes. Trends may herald changes you need to make or opportunities for your business. Listen and watch Mary Peabody, Univ of Vermont, discuss where to look for trends and how to use them to build your business.


Doing Marketing with Facebook Contests

One way that business owners are effectively using Facebook is to run contests. Dr. James Barnes, Mississippi State University Extension, talks about some of the rules you must follow.  Her also looks at how effective this tool can be.


Consumers Want to Know the Final Price

Photo (CC) by OTA Photos, on FlickrHave you ever been surprised at the cash register regarding what you were paying for a product or service? As you looked at the receipt you found that there were several additional items that brought the cost up from what you thought it would be. How did you react?  Consumers want to know what the price will be.  Read more.



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