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Potato Expo Poster - Residual effects of Rejuvenate on potato seed for stem management

Research shows that stem number and tuber number are highly correlated. Physiologically old seed or varieties with many stems can have high tuber sets causing many undersized tubers. Altering the number of stems can be an effective way to control tuber set. Previous work demonstrated that 1-naphtheneacetic acid (NAA), Rejuvenate, treatments on seed can reduce stem number and increase tuber size and marketable yield. Grower practices vary greatly when treating seed. Some seed is fresh cut and planted without delay. Other seed is cut and stored for many weeks, allowing seed to suberize and providing flexibility for the planting schedule. In some cases, bad weather can delay planting. It is unknown what the effects of seed treated with NAA in storage has on stem number.

Residual effects of Rejuvenate on potato seed for stem management (pdf)

Purpose of the Project: To determine the effect of 1-naphtheneacetic acid (NAA) treatments on stem number when applied at 22, 15, 7, and 1 days prior to planting.

Take Home Message: NAA was most effective at reducing stem number when applied to seed close to planting.

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