Oakes Irrigation Research Site
Carrington Research Extension Center * North Dakota State University
P.O. Box 531, Oakes, ND 58474-0531, Voice: (701) 742-2189, FAX: (701) 742-2700, email: rgreenla@ndsuext.nodak.edu


In addition to those mentioned throughout this report, I would like to acknowledge and thank the following people or companies for help given to the Oakes Irrigation Research Site:

Bob Titus - use of land and equipment.

Blake Lulloff - seed onion production consultant (Seminis Seeds)

Rachel Pickell, Alice Pickell, Dan Greenland, Debbie Kerlin, Jolene Christianson, Betty Knecht, LeAnn Ulvestad, Kathy Gonzales, Kristine Peters, Chris Besemann, Mamie Thompson, Marcia Larson, Leigh Hammond, Delbert Moerke - summer help.

Companies that donated seed, chemicals, and/or funds for many of these trials:
DowElanco Zeneca
DuPont ISK Bioscience
Pioneer Rohm & Haas
BASF Monsanto
Novartis American Cyanamid
Griffin Rhone-Poulenc
Abbott Laboratories Seminis Seeds
Bayer Gowan
FMC Helena

Also see appendix A for additional seed donors.

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