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Sources of vegetable seeds

Seed company code Company name
AS Asgrow Seed Co.
AT American Takii
BZ Bejo Seeds
FM Ferry-Morse
HL Hollar Seeds
HM Harris Moran
JAF Jersey Asparagus Farms
JS Johnny's Selected Seeds
NH Norman Haak (local farmer)
NR Nourse
NV Novartis Seeds Inc.
PK Park Seed
R Reed's Seeds
RP Rupp Seeds
SC Scottseed
SM Seminis Vegetable Seeds
SS Sun Seed, Inc.
ST Stokes Seeds
VL Vilmorin Inc.

Companies and individuals listed above have provided seed at no charge for these variety performance trials. When seed source is listed with two codes, such as NH(AS), the first code is who donated the seed and the code in parenthesis is the producer of the seed.

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