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Fall colors in North Dakota
Mulched tree

Mulch Madness

Rock mulch creates stress on plants and harms the soil. Why do we use it? It's madness! Use shredded bark instead. Shredded bark moderates soil temperatures near the plant, enriches the soil, shields plants from physical damage and reduces drought stress.

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'Adams' crabapple

How to Select a Crabapple

Crabapple is the most popular small tree in North Dakota. Lots of cultivars are available. Here is how to select the best one for you!

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Japanese barberry

The Toughest Shrubs

Are you looking for a tough shrub? Consider these "gas station" plants!

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Japanese tree lilac

Tough Tree Gains Popularity

Japanese tree lilac has become one of the most popular trees in North Dakota.

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First Editions® Cool Splash® diervilla

Discover diervilla

A tough shrub with striking beauty

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Our State Tree is Making a Comeback

The grand tree of North Dakota is making a comeback. There has been amazing progress in the introduction of new elms that resist Dutch elm disease.

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Hot Wings® tatarian maple

First impressions

The first fall colors are on display. A look at Hot Wings® tatarian maple.

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Sunscald injury on maple

Wrapping Trees for Winter

Trees are not wrapped in winter to keep them warm. Actually, it is the opposite. We wrap trees to keep the trunks cool. We want to protect the trunks from the scalding rays of the winter sun.

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