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Oxalis (also known as Yellow Woodsorrel)


OxalisIt is often confused with clover and black medic in leaf form. Oxalis has distinctly heart-shaped leaflets that are always lighter or yellowish green. This is a unique weed in that it has both an annual and perennial forms; the flower and capsule are what warrant special comment. The flower is yellow and tubular with 5 petals, and when the capsule matures, it expels seed, doing so with great momentum, scattering the seed like birdshot in multiple directions several feet away. The seed pod is erect, hairy, cylindrical, 1/3 to 1 inch long, and pointed at the tip. This weed is a curse to have in greenhouse environments and can go from being insignificant to a real headache is not controlled early in detection. Control this weed with Weedone DPC amine or Trimec.

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