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Asparagus spear

The New Leader in Asparagus

‘Millennium’ has emerged as the top choice of asparagus varieties in the Midwest. It’s high yielding, long lived, cold hardy, and adaptable to a wide range of soils.

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Apple picking

It's Apple Picking Time!

The apple harvest is underway. Learn how to harvest and store the leading fruit crop of North Dakota.

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Raspberries for North Dakota

Raspberry is a popular fruit that is easy to grow in North Dakota. Plant both summer- and fall-bearing types to extend your harvest. Here are some tips and recommended cultivars for gardeners in North Dakota.

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Crabapple Fruits for North Dakota

The tart flavor of crabapple makes it popular for canning and in making jellies. This fruit is grown just like apples. Here are some tips and recommended cultivars for gardeners in North Dakota.

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Apricots on branch

Apricots for North Dakota

Apricots are loved for their delicate blossoms in spring and their golden fruits in summer. Here are some tips and recommended cultivars for North Dakota.

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Apples on tree

Apples for North Dakota

Apple is the #1 fruit grown by gardeners in North Dakota. The following are some of the best cultivars for our state.

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Cherry plums

Cherry Plums for North Dakota

Cherry plums were developed to survive the extreme weather of the northern Great Plains. They are extremely hardy (Zone 3), resist drought, and will bear fruit after one to two years. Here are some tips and recommended cultivars for gardeners in North Dakota.

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Plant garlic this fall and enjoy delicious meals next summer.

Growing Garlic in North Dakota

Fall is the time to plant garlic, and now is the time to purchase your bulbs.

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Pear blossoms-2

Pears for North Dakota

Tips and cultivars for growing pears in North Dakota.

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Shell peas are one of most popular vegetables grown in North Dakota.

The Best Peas for North Dakota

Which pea varieties grow best in North Dakota? These are the winners in our garden trials.

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Garlic bulbs

Grow Your Own Garlic

Varieties of garlic from all over the world are available. Explore! Plant the cloves this fall, and you will be enjoying fresh and zesty garlic in your meals next summer.

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Apple maggot fly

Wormfree Apples

The #1 apple pest in North Dakota is emerging now. Let's be prepared and trap them.

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How To Stake Tomatoes

Should you stake, cage or trellis the vines?

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Romaine lettuce field

Understanding the Romaine Lettuce Recall

Romaine lettuce has been in the news lately along with empty grocery store shelves. Learn about the region that produces the majority of our lettuce and the potential causes of the E. coli contamination that prompted the food safety recall.

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Apple maggot

Worm-free Apples

How to trap apple maggot flies

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Blue raspberry

What is a blue raspberry?

The ultimate in artificial fruits

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Williston High School FFA Pink Pumpkin Project

Pumpkins: Think PINK

Sales of pink pumpkins support the fight against breast cancer

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Healthy soil

Grow your own gold

Fall-sown cover crops will add organic matter ("black gold") to your garden soil.

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