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No EABEmerald Ash Borer Awareness Week

Join NDSU Extension, the ND Forest Service and the ND Department of Agriculture in recognizing ‘Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Week’, May 22-28, 2016. This week we are sharing information on this major threat:

Sunday: Overview and Background
Monday: Signs and Symptoms
Tuesday: EAB and Firewood
Wednesday: Financial Impact and the Value of Trees
Thursday: Let's Diversify Our Tree Plantings
Friday: EAB and Insecticides

ConeflowerUpdated publication: Annual and Perennial Flowers for ND

This publication provides suggestions of flowers for shade and sun, as well as dry and moist sites. It describes tall and low growing plants, and plants suited for massing, naturalizing and fragrance.
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Japanese beetle on grapeUnwanted Guests

Japanese beetle has been detected again in North Dakota. The pest was found in 40 traps across the state in 2015. Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica) is one of the most destructive pests in landscapes. It destroys lawns, roses, grapes and more than 300 other plants.
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Frozen crabapplesSparkling Jewels

Some crabapples hold onto their fruits through much of the winter, adding sparkles of red and gold in the landscape. These fruits will attract songbirds, adding another dimension of life and color to your home surroundings.
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American elmOur State Tree is Making a Comeback

There has been major progress in the development of elms that resist Dutch elm disease. This includes Prairie Expedition elm from NDSU. New cultivars and improved strategies in managing Dutch Elm Disease have made elm one of the finest trees for North Dakota landscapes.
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'Escamillo'pepperNew Golden Pepper

‘Escamillo’ is a golden bullhorn pepper that shows great promise. It’s the latest bullhorn pepper from Johnny’s which  earlier released ‘Carmen’, one of the most reliable peppers grown in North Dakota. Italian bullhorn peppers have a sweet flesh and are well suited for salads and roasting.
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Featured Publications and Videos

Blue grapesGrowing Grapes in North Dakota

This publication guides home gardeners through the process of choosing an optimal site for planting, selecting hardy cultivars, and training and pruning the vines. In addition, his guide provides information on managing disease and insects that are common to North Dakota.
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Pruning shearsPruning Trees and Shrubs

All trees and shrubs will need pruning during their lifetime. The objectives of pruning are to produce strong, healthy and attractive plants. This publication will teach you the principles of why, how and when to prune. 
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Norway spruce conesConifers for North Dakota

Conifers, often called evergreens, provide year-round beauty, privacy, and shelter from winds. Learn how to select the best type and cultivar.
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Onion bulbsHow to Grow Giant Onions

We’ll discuss onion sets vs. transplants, fertilization, irrigation, cultivars and more strategies to grow your biggest onion bulbs ever.
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