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General Information

Marketing Local Food - Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture — University of Minnesota Extension

This 124 page report is very useful for producers and those looking to strengthen their community food systems. Find information on direct marketing techniques, intermediate marketing, regulations, food safety, and more.

Food Systems and Agricultural Policy Resources - Colorado State University Extension

This website contains important resources for consumers and producers who are interested in learning how Colorado does local food. See examples, tools, and events that are well established in this local food system.

Is Local Food More Expensive?  - Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture — Iowa State University

This study analyzed the price of local food at farmers markets compared to produce at grocery stores. Findings found that farmers market produce was often slightly cheaper potentially conflicting with the notion that local food is only available to those who are willing to spend more.

The What and Why of Local and Regional Food - United States Department of Agriculture

This illustrated and interactive document from the USDA’s Know Your Farmer Know Your Food program contains information about several benefits strong local food systems can have for communities. This is a good source of information for those seeking to learn about the basics of local food systems.

Buy Locally Grown, It’s Thousands of Miles Fresher -Food Routes
This short and quick reference guide provides five excellent reasons to buy local — from taste and freshness to protecting the environment.

Good Food We Can Afford Today and Tomorrow - Community Food Security Coalition
This printable pamphlet focuses on steps we can take to get healthier food and create a healthier planet through local food systems.

Are Healthy Food Really More Expensive? It Depends on How You Measure the Price - Economic Research Service — United States Department of Agriculture
This report looks at the cost of healthy food vs unhealthy food. Researchers identified that the price for healthy food is cheaper when measured by edible weight rather than by calories.

Healthy Food, Local Food - The Contrary Farmer
This is John Ikerd’s article about organic foods, the industrial food system, and why local food can be healthy. In this in-depth article, Ikerd discusses the history of local food and the potential health benefits of consuming locally.

2013 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce -Environmental Working Group
This guide helps consumers determine which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticide residues. They also present the Clean Fifteen fruits and veggies that are relatively lower in or free of pesticides.

Guide to Washing Fresh Produce - Colorado State University
This guide provides tips on limiting exposure to bacterial contaminants and pesticides on produce.

How Can I Wash Pesticides from Fruit and Veggies? (PDF) - National Pesticide Information Center
This fact sheet provides information about how best to remove pesticides from fruits and veggies.

Demand for local food in rural communities is growing. Sustainable local food systems need to have strong community support to build and maintain the infrastructure needed to bring food from farm to fork. This website provides resources to support rural communities just beginning to build their community food systems as well as those whose local food systems are already strong. Resources are intended for farmers and producers, community organizations, and Extension Educators but may interest anyone in community and local foods. While this website was a partnership between Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota, most resources are applicable for any rural community.

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