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Grilling with a Food Thermometer

Meat needs to reach a safe internal temperature to prevent you and your family from getting sick. Although checking the color of the meat is a good start, it does not guarantee it is safe to eat.
Grilling with a Food Thermometer

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The only way to know for sure is to use a food thermometer.  You can purchase an instant read food thermometer for around $5.00 at most stores that sell kitchen gadgets. 

Instant read thermometers measure the temperature through a little indentation that is about 1 inch from the tip.  This makes it necessary to insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the meat, which may be from the side such as with a hamburger.

Watch this short video on how to test your favorite grill items correctly and avoid unwanted guests, such as bacteria that could make you sick:

Proper internal temperatures for cooked meats are:

  • Ground beef, 160 degrees
  • Steaks, 145-160 degrees from rare to well done
  • Chicken, 165 degrees

A small investment in a food thermometer is worth your family staying healthy. Enjoy your favorite grilled meat knowing it is now safe from bacteria.

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