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Try Some X-ray Vision Carrots for Dinner - Prairie Fare

By: Julie Garden-Robinson, Food and Nutrition Specialist NDSU Extension Service

“We’re all going to have X-ray vision now,” my husband remarked as our 16-year-old daughter and I prepared carrots for dinner.

I smiled when he said that. I’m not sure if he knows that Cornell University did a study in which researchers gave fun names to vegetables on serving lines in a school cafeteria.

In their study with 147 children ages 8 to 11, the researchers found that giving vegetables names, such as “X-ray vision carrots,” resulted in kids eating more carrots. In fact, 66 percent of the “X-ray vision” carrots were eaten, compared with 35 percent of “food of the day” carrots.

As I scrubbed and pared carrots fresh from the garden, my daughter ran them through a salad shooter to make thin carrot coins.

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