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Lawn Weed Control

lawn one

Weeds not only detract from the aesthetic quality of an otherwise well-maintained turfgrass, they are extremely worthy competitors with lawn grasses for the basic factors of growth – space, light, water, and nutrients. The first step in controlling weeds is to correctly identify them to implement a successful control program.

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Reliable Nutrition and Health Resources

fact label

With all the information available today, how do we separate fact from fiction? What are the clues to reliable health information in today’s fast-paced world? “Finding the Truth II: Are Popular Nutrition and Health Information Sources Reliable?” explores a few popular nutrition information sources and ways to determine if the information is reliable.

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What's in Your Food Pantry?

Food PantryWhat's in Your Food Pantry?

Making dinner becomes a snap when you have most of the ingredients you need already in your cupboard. However, this may not be as easy as you think. To help, you can keep a list of commonly used food items. This will help you cut back on trips to the grocery store.

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Health Information: Sorting Fact from Fiction

food plates

We’re all bombarded with information about nutrition and/or health in magazines and newspapers, and on TV and online through social media, blogs and YouTube videos. Also, family and friends might share information with us. With all this information, how do we separate fact from fiction? What are the clues to reliable health information in today’s fast-paced world? The NDSU Extension Service can help you sort through the vast amount of nutrition and health-related information that is available.

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Planting Trees and Shrubs

tree planting

For more pride and enjoyment in a well-landscaped yard, plan carefully before buying and planting nursery stock. Trees and shrubs are essential elements of this plan, so invest wisely by planting them properly. To start, a scale drawing of your yard will provide a basic plan that you can use for many years.

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Time to Think About Your Garden


NDSU horticulturists and a team of more than 500 gardeners in North Dakota have evaluated hundreds of varieties in backyard gardens during the past five years. The team rated the varieties for germination, plant health, earliness, yield and taste. Check out the 2013 variety trial results and recommendations for 2014.

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Boomers and Beyond


As we age, we may not be as active as we used to be. Maybe we have put on a few extra pounds, or we’ve developed health issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes. The NDSU Extension Service has developed Nourishing Boomers and Beyond, a program to provide North Dakotans age 50 and older with information and strategies to eat more nutritiously and be more physically active so they can reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases.

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4-H Camps - Learning and Fun Experiences

4-H games

If you’re looking for adventure this summer, try the 4-H Camp near Washburn. Any youth can attend a variety of camps to have fun while developing lifelong skills, trying new activities, learning the importance of a healthy lifestyle and discovering what they can accomplish, all in a safe environment. Check out the possibilities today!

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Living With High Heating Costs

winter snow blower

This winter’s frigid temperatures and high heating costs are putting a big dent in North Dakotans’ budgets, so this may be a time when the whole family needs to sacrifice a bit and tighten up spending. “When Prices Rise: Living on Your Income,” can help families track their expenditures and reduce their spending. “Family Money Manager” is another Extension publication that can be helpful when adjusting the family budget.  

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Check Stored Grain

grain bin

Search for small changes in your stored grain that are indicators of potential problems. The early snow, cool fall and early cold winter temperatures made 2013 a challenging year for the corn and sunflower harvests. Some grain went into storage at higher than recommended moisture contents, and that increases the likelihood of storage problems.

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