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2018 Annual Report

Crop Variety Trials

Winter Wheat

Hard Red Spring Wheat





Agronomy Research

Grassland Research

Autecology of Grasses Index Volume 1

Autecology of Needle and Thread

Autecology of Green Needlegrass

Autecology of Western Wheatgrass

Autecology of Thickspike Wheatgrass

Autecology of Prairie Junegrass

Autecology of Plains Reedgrass

Autecology of Plains Rough Fescue

Autecology of Grasses Index Volume 2

Autecology of Blue Grama

Autecology of Prairie Sandreed

Autecology of Big Bluestem

Autecology of Sand Bluestem

Autecology of Little Bluestem

Autecology of Threadleaf Sedge

Autecology of Needleleaf Sedge

Autecology of Grasses Index Volume 3

Autecology of Smooth Bromegrass

Autecology of Crested Wheatgrass

Autecology of Altai wildrye

Autecology of Russian wildrye

Autecology of Kentucky Bluegrass

Autecology of Canada Bluegrass

Plants That Can Poison Livestock on the Northern Mixed Grass Prairie

Range Plant Growth Related to Climatic Factors of Western North Dakota 1982-2018

Livestock Research

Integrated Systems Synergy and Regenerative Agriculture: Crop, Grazing, and Soil Health

Mineral N Cycling in an Integrated Crop-Grazing System

Effect of bale grazing following annual forage grazing on steer grazing and feedlot performance, muscling ratio, carcass measurements, and carcass value

Horticulture Research

 2018 Hops Data

BeefTalk Articles

BT948     The Next Chapter: Some Happy, Some Sad 
BT947     Say 'I Can', Not 'I Can't'
BT946     Data are the Foundation for Developing Cattle Goals
BT945     Cowsonality Important to a Productive Cow Herd
BT944     The Challenge of Managing Human Resources
BT943     Add Value to Market Cows and Bulls
BT942     Market Cows and Bulls Rather Than Cull
BT941     Cows as Combines
BT940     2018 Cow-Calf Production Benchmarks
BT939     Economic Greats - 93 Percent of Cow's Weight Harvested
BT938     What Can Sheep Teach Cows?
BT937     Livestock Diversity a Good Thing
BT936     Sheep and Cows: Some Do and Some Do Not
BT935     Let the Cow Save You Money and the Bull Make You Money
BT934     Cost Per Pound of Calf is Struggling
BT933     Cow-calf Enterprise Expenses Are Up
BT932     Is the Cow-Calf Enterprise Keeping Pace?
BT931     Future of Beef Revisitied - Soil, Forage and Beef
BT930     Future of Beef Revisitied - Industry Integration
BT929     Future of Beef Revisited - Global Competitiveness
BT928     Future of Beef Revisited - Consumer Issues and Demand
BT927     How Many Cattle Should Go in the Pasture?
BT926     Future of Beef Revisited - Midsize Challenges
BT925     Future of Beef Revisited - Economics
BT924     Future of Beef Revisited
BT923     Pasturing - Get It Right
BT922     On Day 21 Following Bull Turnout, 60 Percent of Cows Bred
BT921     Balanced Mineral Supplements are Good for the Cow
BT920     Crested Wheatgrass Needs Grazing Management
BT919     Grass Calving
BT918     Herd Vaccination Protocols are Critical
BT917     Time for a Managerial Report Card
BT916     When Dry, Focus on Heifers and Young Cows
BT915     Evaluate Hay Inventory and Cow Condition
BT914     The Concern is a Dwindling Hay Pile
BT913     Expect to Hang Two-thirds of the Cow's Weight on the Rail
BT912     Do Not Be Afraid to Moderate Cow Size, But Select Good Bulls
BT911     Finding the Right Cow Size is Not Simple
BT910     Bull Selection for Moderate Growth?
BT909     Developing Sire Genetic Benchmarks
BT908     Why Push a Chain Up a Hill?
BT907     Healthy Soil Buffers Human Inadequacies
BT906     Shop Around; Cattle Eat More Than Hay
BT905     Keeping More Heifers Turned Out Well
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