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2015 Annual Report Index

Crop Variety Trial Information

Dickinson spring wheat 2015
Dickinson winter wheat 2015
Dickinson durum 2015
Dickinson barley 2015
Dickinson chickpea 2015
Dickinson lentil 2015
Dickinson oat 2015
Dickinson pea 2015 

Glen Ullin spring wheat 2015
Glen Ullin barley 2015
Glen Ullin durum 2015

Hannover spring wheat 2015
Hannover barley 2015
Hannover durum 2015

Combined report for all crops at Dickinson, Glen Ullin and Hannover.

Agronomy Research

Effect of a 5-Year Multi-Crop Rotation on Mineral N and Hard Red Spring Wheat Yield, Protein, Test Weight, and Economics in Western North Dakota, USA
Douglas Landblom, Songul Senturklu, Larry Cihacek, and Eric Brevik 

Seasonal Soil Nitrogen Mineralization within an Integrated Crop and Livestock System
Larry Cihacek, Douglas Landblom, Songul Senturklu, and Eric Brevik

Grassland Research

Biogeochemical Processes of Nitrogen in Rangeland Soils (DREC 15-3066)
Llewellyn L. Manske PhD

Evaluation of the Importance of Mineral Nitrogen in Restoration of Severely degraded Mixed Grass Prairie Ecosystems (DREC 15-1091)
Llewellyn L. Manske PhD

Evaluation of the Importance of Mineral Nitrogen Available at or Above Threshold Quantities in Maintaining Productivity at Potential Levels on Mixed Grass Prairie Ecosystems (DREC 16-1090b)
Llewellyn L. Manske PhD

The Renewability of Grassland Ecosystems (DREC 16-1092b)
Llewellyn L. Manske PhD

Range Plant Growth Related to Climatic Factors of Western North Dakota 1982-2015 (DREC 16-1078e)
Llewellyn L. Manske PhD

Biologically Effective Management of Residential Landscapes (DREC 15-3067)
Llewellyn L. Manske PhD

Horticulture Research

Ongoing Horticulture Research at DREC
Greta Gramig PhD

2015 Hops data 

Livestock Research

Effect of Beef Cattle Frame Score, Forage Grazing Sequence, and Delayed Feedlot Entry on Yearling Steer Grazing and Feedlot Performance, Carcass Trait Measurements, and Systems Economics
Songul Senturklu, Douglas Landblom, et. Al.

Enhancing Soil Productivity Using a Multi-Crop Rotation and Beef Cattle Grazing
Songul Senturklu, Douglas Landblom, Larry Cihacek, and Eric Brevik

2015 Beeftalk Articles

BT800 Expanding Genetics and Electronic Bull Buying
BT799 Winter Solstice, Spring Breeding
BT798 No Spirit, No Peace
BT797 How Big is the Bull?
BT796 With Nice Weather, Cows Still Need a Balanced Supplement
BT795 Who Gets the Weight?
BT794 May Calving, January Weaning
BT793 Good Cattle-working Facilities Should be a High Priority
BT792 Think Smart, Not More Work
BT791 Flexible Planning Starts With Practical Cow Sort Lists
BT790 Now is the Time to Save Feed Costs
BT789 I Don’t Feel Well Today
BT788 I Thought I Was Doing Better Than That!
BT787 Can Commercial Producers Afford to Sell 7-month-old Calves?
BT786 Pondering Growth in the Beef Business
BT785 Can Production Efficiency Offset Costs?
BT784 Cost of Beef Production Up 200 Percent
BT783 Grandma and Grandpa Are Worried!
BT782 Are Cattle Records Worth the Effort?
BT781 Another Great School Year Begins
BT780 Blue Moons and Summer Blues
BT779 Grazing: Setting the Base Stocking Rate
BT778 Grazing Systems Combine MLRAs and Ecological Sites
BT777 Grazing Systems are Major Land Resource Areas
BT776 Understanding Grazing Systems is Not Easy
BT775 Pounds, Efficiency, Quality
BT774 Pounds of Calf Weaned per Acre
BT773 May Calving is Productive
BT772 Summer Safety for the Farm and Ranch
BT771 Parasites, the Unwanted Guest
BT770 Biosecurity Confessions
BT769 Cow Size and Success in the Beef Business
BT768 Genetic Diversity is a Good Thing
BT767 Thin Cows? A Pre-breeding Nutritional Push Helps
BT766 Have a Plan to Manage Cowherd Subgroups
BT765 Prepare for the Unexpected, Live the Expected
BT764 When Should Cows Calve?
BT763 Cattle Deserve a Professional Herd-health Program
BT762 Start Planning Now if the Summer Looks Dry
BT761 Nice Weather for Calving is Priority One
BT760 The Big 60 Means 60 Percent Calved in 21 Days!
BT759 Can Profitable Beef Operations Go Broke?
BT758 Is Return on Assets Large Enough to Expand the Cow Business?
BT757 Commercial Beef Production Remains a Stable Business
BT756 Commercial Beef Production Benchmarks for 2014
BT755 Got the Calving Book Handy?
BT754 Cow Contentment is a Good Thing
BT753 Feel Good by Feeding Some Alfalfa
BT752 Feed Those Cows the Right Amount of Feed
BT751 Register Those Bulls!
BT750 Buy Wisely and Spend Thriftily
BT749 After-the-party Blues
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