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2001 Annual Report

I: Grassland Research / Extension

 II. Beef Research / Extension

    BEEFTALK (Printable pdfs)

    BT070 No Dead Slips Please
    BT069 Keeping Bulls Out of Sight and Out of Mind Can Lead to Disaster
    BT068 Listen to Ideas from the Next Generation of Beef Producers
    BT067 Positive Economic Benefits Possible by Studying Numbers
    BT066 Out-wintering Is a Challenge That Presents Opportunities
    BT065 Do You Know the Variation in Your Herd Performance?
    BT064 Sleeping With the Calves
    BT063 Not All Make It to the Finish Line, but 2001 Numbers are Good
    BT062 Good Questions are Abundant, but Answers Require Solid Research
    BT061 Is Management or Genetics Responsible for Slackers?
    BT060 Net Returns Look Positive for 5 Years -- What’s Next?
    BT059 Good Number Use Can Minimize Risk Exposure
    BT058 Increased Calf Value, Not Premiums Can Be Realized
    BT057 Option Processing -- How to Use Forages for Fall Cattle Grazing
    BT056 The Horse Did Not Get Saddled Today
    BT055 Retained Ownership Could Give Families a 16 Percent Raise
    BT054 When to Sell the Calves?
    BT053 The Final Report Card Is Here for Last Year’s Calves
    BT052 Get the Most Bang for your Buck: Cull Those Heifers Now
    BT051 Attention to Detail Necessary for Quality Beef Cow Records
    BT050 Ogeechee - Brighter from the East, Record Keeping Continues to Progress
    BT049 Collect Data Now to Gain Knowledge for Decisions
    BT048 Eliminate Complacency -- Make Those Round Bales Big and Tie Them Tight
    BT047 Hay Harvest Time Sets Scene To Calculate Winter Feed Needs
    BT046 Now Is Time to Check for Breeding Success
    BT045 2002 Spring Work Schedule Takes Shape for Producers
    BT044 Cowsonality -- Familiarity That Creates Producer Predictability
    BT043 Sire Power is Important Part of Successful Beef Enterprises
    BT042 Generational Differences Exist, Attention to the Basics Is Lesson Learned
    BT041 Calving Reflections
    BT040 The World’s Best Beef Is Made in the Northern Great Plains
    BT039 Review Numbers Carefully To Maximize Beef’s Profit Potential
    BT038 Do You Belong in the Beef Business?
    BT037 Conservative View of Opportunities Will Minimize Risk, Aid in Production
    BT036 Successful Beef Production Involves and Artists Attention to Details
    BT035 Your Feedlot Game Plan - Is It Responsive to Your Situation?
    BT034 Are Your Heifers Ready to Breed?
    BT033 Changing Calving Date Can Impact Income Opportunities
    BT032 Retained Ownership - Is Your Decision Based on Factual Data?
    BT031 Sorting by the Numbers can Relieve Some Feedlot Mangement Problems
    BT030 For Beef Producers, Caring for Living, Breathing Animals is Top Priority
    BT029 Be Aware of Needs, Supply When Looking to Buy Bulls
    BT028 Have You Investigated all the Options of Beef Production
    BT027 Sire Selection Decisions Have a Long-Term Impact on the Herd
    BT026 Cow Contentment is Evident when Calls are only to the Next Pen
    BT025 Serious Bull Buying Requires Window Shopping and Numbers Homework
    BT024 Use Data and Benchmark Values to Buy Bulls as an Investment
    BT023 Buying Bulls by the Numbers can Provide Data and Increase Profit
    BT022 Heifer Calves Present Value-Added Economic Opportunity
    BT021 Raising Bred Heifers - Is It Worth the Returns?
    BT020 Know Your Costs When Buying Hay for Energy

    III. Swine Research / Extension

     V. Agronomy Research / Extension

     VI. Horticulture Research / Extension

     VII. Station Stats

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