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1988 Annual Report

1988 Annual Report Index

Section I - Crop Production Trials

Title Page - Section I
Table of Contents - Section I

Experimental Procedure and Growing Conditions
Hard Red Spring Wheat Variety Trials
Durum Variety Trials
Hard Red Winter Wheat and Long Term Averages
Winter Rye Varieties and Long Term Averages
Barley Variety Trials
Oat Variety Trials
Miscellaneous Small Grains
Flax Variety Trial
Safflower Production
Buckwheat Production
Dickinson - Dry Edible Bean Trial
Dickinson - Millet Trial
Hybrid Corn Trial
Sunflower Production
Cooperative Small Grain Nursery Trials
Minimum Tillage and Seeding, Double Disking on Recrop
Wheat Production on Fallow, Second Cropping and Continuous Cropping
Cropping Systems Research

Entire Section I Report

Section II - Livestock Feeding, Breeding, and Management Trials

Title Page - Section II
Table of Contents - Section II
Brood Cow Efficiency Management Study, Progress Report 2 - D.G. Landblom, J.L. Nelson, L. Manske, and P. Sjursen
Barley and Sunflower Rations for Backgrounding Steers - J.L. Nelson, D.G.Landblom, and LaDon Johnson
Ivomec and Totalon/Warbex Combination Compared for Parasite Control in Feedlot Heifers - D.G. Landblom, J.L. Nelson, and W.D. Slanger
Ovulation Induction Methods Compared Among Non-cycling Beef Cows - D.G. Landblom and J.L. Nelson
Control of the Horn Flies in Beef Cattle - J.L. Nelson

Section III - Range and Pasture Management Research

Title Page - Section III
Table of Contents - Section III
Grazing Effects on the Structure and Dynamics of Grassland Ecosystems
- L. Manske, et al.
Short Duration Grazing Trial - D.R. Kirby and T.J. Conlon
Alfalfa Interseeding Techniques Trial - L. Manske and P. Sjursen
Alfalfa Interseeding Furrow Width Techniques Trial I
Alfalfa Interseeding Furrow Width Techniques Trial II
1986, 1987, and 1988 Alfalfa Interseeding Techniques Trial
Interseeded Alfalfa Variety Response Trial I
1986 Interseeded Alfalfa Variety Response Trial II
Alfalfa Interseeded Pasture Grazing Trial
Leafy Spurge Control with Tebuthiuron - L. Manske
Leafy Spurge Control with Chemical and Mechanical Treatments - L. Manske and P. Sjursen
Defoliation of Native Range Study - L. Manske, M.E. Biondini, C.Y. Oseto, and J.E. Struble

Section IV - Miscellaneous Cooperative Projects

Title Page - Section IV
Table of Contents - Section IV

Crop Development Study

Soil Productivity on Sites with Varying Erosion
Soil Morphology and Stratigraphy on an Erosional Footslope
Composition Comparisons in Sodic Map Unit Delineations
Climatology of Soil Water
Russian Wheat Aphid - Preliminary Studies
Woody Plant Material Field Evaluation 

Section V - Personnel, Projects, Publications, Meetings, and Events 1988

Title Page - Section V

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