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1970 Annual Report

Annual Report of Research at the Dickinson Experiment Station 1970

Section I Table of Contents

Variety Trials with Small Grain

Nursery Trials with Small Grain

Comparison of Rates and Formulations of Commercial Fertilizer Application on Summerfallow in Western North Dakota

Summerfallow Management Study

Section II Title Page

Section II Table of Contents

Self-feeding Oats to Calves From Weaning to Market

Value of Bedding for Replacement Heifers Wintered in a Slatted Board Fence Shelter

Self-feeding Complete Mixed Rations to Calves from Weaning to Slaughter

Effects of Implanting Nursing Steer Calves with Stilbestrol

Comparing MGA and Stilbestrol for Fattening Beef Heifers

Feeding Triticale in a Fattening Ration to Beef Cattle

Supplementing Cows with Barley Pellets to Improve Reproductive Performance

Kedlor or Soybean oilmeal as a Protein Source for Cows Wintered on Hay and Straw

Effects of Using Thiabendazole for Deworming Heifers

High Energy Rations and "Red Nose" Shots for Calves at Weaning

Systems of Producing Yearlings

Feeding Triticale to Fattening Swine

Winter Protection for Fattening Swine

Substituting Hard Red Spring Wheat for Barley in Rations Fed to Growing-Finishing Swine

Effect of Sire on Feed Efficiency and Rate of Gain on Offspring

Supplementing Hog Rations with Soybean Oilmeal or Specific Amino Acids

Creep Rations for Baby Pigs

Feed Prices Used in 1970 Livestock Research Roundup

Section III Title Page

Section III Table of Contents

Native Rangeland Improvement Studies

Comparison of Ungrazed and Grazed Range Vegetation

Dryland Legume Trial

Alfalfa Management Trial

New Pasture Seeding

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